Software + Firmware Update

Written by The Halo Team

March 24, 2021

As part of our effort to continuously improve the Halo Collar user experience, we released a major Developer Update this week that centered around improved tracking and boundary logic. Read on to learn more about these exciting changes!


Hybrid GPS Feature

In addition to the “Indoor GPS” and “Outdoor GPS” status options, your Pet Card may now show “Hybrid GPS” in one of two situations: either the collar is indoors but still receiving some GPS signals, or the collar is outdoors but GPS signals are somewhat obstructed. 

If your dog is in a location with hybrid GPS signals, your Pet Card will show “Hybrid GPS” and your collar will avoid sending ‘false’ Prevention Feedback caused by diminished GPS. Now, it will send a Return Whistle if it detects that your dog is approaching or bypassing a fence boundary. This ensures that your dog receives safety guidance to stay contained within his or her fence. Please make sure your dog is trained on the Return Whistle!

While in a “Hybrid GPS” state, your Pet Pin will still move on the map, and you will see a blue GPS icon on the Pet Pin.


Improved Indoor/Outdoor Algorithm

The collar’s indoor/outdoor detection system is now more effective through ongoing analysis of GPS data, which will improve GPS accuracy. 

If you are still experiencing inaccurate indoor/outdoor detection on your Pet Card, please contact customer service and we will help you to optimize the collar’s indoor/outdoor detection for your property. 


Improved Containment Responsiveness

We have upgraded the Halo Collar’s directional sensitivity, so it will stop giving Prevention Feedback as soon as your dog turns around and heads back to safety.


Collar LED Updates 0.1.91

Our latest firmware update includes a few changes to the LEDs on the Halo Collar. Please see below for the most up-to-date meanings of the collar’s GPS and Logo LEDs. For a complete summary of the collar’s LEDs and what they mean, please refer to the article “How to interpret the collar’s LEDs.”


Outdoor GPS: 

  • GPS LED blinks BLUE once per second
  • Halo Logo blinks Blue 4x when entering this state

Hybrid GPS:

  • GPS LED blinks Pink once every 2 seconds 
  • Halo Logo blinks Pink 4x when entering this state

Indoor GPS:

  • GPS LED shows no activity
  • Halo Logo blinks White 4x when entering this state

GPS needs calibration: 

  • GPS LED flashes RED for 3 seconds then off for 3 seconds
  • Halo Logo shows no activity​

You will also receive a notification on your phone when your Halo Collar needs to be calibrated, as long as your phone has an internet connection. You can then recalibrate your dog’s Halo Collar by following these steps.

We hope you all have a great experience with these new features, and we look forward to getting more of your feedback – which helps us to bring you the improvements that you’re looking for. 

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