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Halo Collar vs. SpotOn:

Which GPS Dog Collar Fence is the Best?

You have decided to utilize a GPS-collar-based fence to contain your dog. Now, you are trying to choose the best GPS dog fence to keep your pup safe. In this article, we’ll discuss Halo Collar vs. SpotOn Collar and why Halo is the best solution on the market today.

There are many factors to consider when comparing one GPS dog fence system to another. The most obvious things to look out for are effective containment and price. These are the most important factors, but there are others to consider, too.
Is there a high-quality training program to help you and your dog learn to use the solution? Does the solution come with a full-featured app that gives you access to important information about your dog’s location, safety, activity, and much more? Is there a knowledgeable and readily-available support team to answer any questions you may have about your pet containment system?

There are several types of containment systems including in-ground wire fences, also called electric fences – the first on the market were created by Invisible Fence®. But with evolving technology, GPS dog fences have taken containment into the next generation. One of the newer products is the SpotOn GPS dog fence, but by far the best system available is the Halo Collar 3 – the most accurate GPS dog fence on the market.

Halo’s GPS dog fence is the ultimate dog safety solution, providing significantly more value than SpotOn. Keep reading to learn more about why you should buy the Halo Collar vs. SpotOn Virtual Fence.


Price: Halo Collar vs. SpotOn

Halo provides superior value versus SpotOn. While both are wireless GPS fences that contain your dog, Halo does it for a fraction of the price.

A SpotOn dog collar costs about $1,2950 – and that price only gets you the collar itself. Halo regularly offers their GPS dog collar fence on sale as low as $649 or $699. Despite Halo’s technology being far more advanced than SpotOn, Halo’s price is lower because their collars are manufactured in much higher volumes by the same company that build’s many of Apple’s products. Halo’s collar also comes with a bluetooth Beacon for indoor keep away areas, at no additional cost.

Both Halo and SpotOn require a subscription plan in order to track your dog’s location, and the Bronze Halo plan costs $5.99/mo which includes unlimited cellular data and real-time (every second) visibility. SpotOn costs $9.95/mo and only offers on-demand tracking-mode, with 6 second updates which significantly drains the battery. (SpotOn recommends using tracking mode for only several minutes, while Halo offers real-time visibility all the time)


World-Class Dog GPS and Connectivity

In addition to Halo Collar’s patented technology that guides your dog back to safety, it now also has a proprietary PrecisionGPS™ AI-driven software that uses machine learning to leverage only direct GPS signals and ignore false data from indirect signals (bounced off buildings, trees, etc.) – you will always have peace of mind that your dog is safe.

To break it down, the Halo system uses the most advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems (“GNSS”) tracking technology available today. This includes reception of these global satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, NavIC and QZSS. It also includes GPS error correction systems, such as SBAS, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN. This makes Halo’s location accuracy the best on the market, and on par with the latest generation of self-driving cars and drones.

In fact, the Halo Collar’s geolocation technology is more accurate than that of an iPhone. It works autonomously and is accurate to within a few feet, often even indoors! Because your Halo Collar downloads satellite data every night, the GPS location is accurate the moment your dog steps outside. There is no need to wait several minutes for the collar to connect to satellites. SpotOn does not have this capability, so your dog is not properly protected when they first go outside.

While fence protection primarily relies on GNSS, Halo gives you peace of mind at any time via your phone. This includes real-time event alerts and notifications, real-time location tracking – with continuous updates every second, and historical and live activity data for your dog(s). To provide this info, Halo has the most reliable device connectivity in the industry. This includes always-on Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. Wi-Fi is critical in many scenarios, such as when your dog is at home (where LTE reception may be limited). In fact, SpotOn only provides periodic location updates after your dog leaves its fence, while Halo is always active and available.

In addition, the Halo Collar 3 now also has the ability to auto connect to any cellular carrier in the world. Whether you have AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint or any other carrier – Halo will auto connect to the carrier with the best service no matter where you go. The Halo Collar is always connected to the Internet, meaning data is accurate up to the second. For example, your Halo will immediately respond to instant commands you can send at any time from your phone – a critical and beloved feature that SpotOn does not offer.


Location & Activity Tracking: Halo Collar vs. SpotOn

The Halo app is an incredible asset for Halo Pack members. It allows you to learn more about your dog’s behavior and customize the Halo experience to fit your needs.

Halo’s app is robust and offers Pack Members a ton of information about their dog(s). You can view your pup’s exact GPS location on the ‘My Map’ screen at all times. Multiple family members can even view their dog’s real-time location simultaneously! In comparison, SpotOn’s app does not show your dog’s location automatically. SpotOn only offers on-demand tracking-mode which will only work for a few minutes and only update every 6 seconds which significantly drains the battery.

The Halo app offers live and historical tracking of feedback responsiveness (how well is your dog trained?). Spot on does not. It also shows safety, prevention, behavior, and activity data metrics. This allows you to, for example, make sure that your pup is getting enough physical activity every day. Unfortunately for SpotOn users, their system does not provide these benefits.
Halo will immediately alert you via the app anytime your dog receives prevention feedback from their Halo Collar. This alert includes a map of where it took place. You can keep track of exactly when and where your dog attempted to cross their Halo GPS wireless dog fence. If necessary, you can take action to re-train your dog or edit your fence.


Fence Creation & Dog Containment: Halo Collar vs. SpotOn

Halo offers much easier fence creation than SpotOn. With Halo, you can set up fence posts with the tap of a finger in your app. Then, you can apply those fences to all of your dogs’ Halo Collars instantly. SpotOn strongly recommends that you walk around the perimeter of your desired fence with each individual collar to set them up. That may not be possible in many locations, such as when creating a fence that goes through water or your neighbor’s property.

SpotOn also supports only one fence at a time for each collar, and you must load or change it manually with their app while in range of each collar. So, for example, if you take your dog from your home fence to your neighbor’s fence, SpotOn requires that you manually replace the home fence with the neighbor’s fence with their app while in range of your collar. By contrast, Halo can store 20 fences at once, so you never need to load or change out fences when moving between locations. It is also just as easy to edit the boundaries of your Halo Fence(s) or turn Fences and Beacons on and off with just a few taps – without needing to be in close proximity to each of your collars.

Halo realizes that each dog is unique. Some dogs respond best to sounds (including ultrasound), others to vibrations, and others to static feedback. Halo lets you pinpoint the exact feedback needed to get your dog’s attention and keep them safe. They offer three levels of escalating preventions, customized for each dog in the Halo App. Feedback options even include some of Cesar’s famous sounds and vocal commands, which are built right into the app.
Also, Halo has patented a critical element of effective dog containment. Your dog will only receive prevention feedback if they are actively leaving the safety of their fence. If your dog leaves their fence, their Halo Collar will automatically guide them back to safety using encouragement feedback. No other containment solution has this capability, which is critical – especially when you take your dog to places they have never been. This patented approach works with your dog’s instincts, not against them. It is essential to keeping your dog effectively contained, and is only available from Halo.


Halo GPS Dog Collar Fence Works Indoors

Halo’s GPS dog collar fence doesn’t only keep your pup safe when they are outdoors. There are advantages to using your Halo indoors, too. Comparatively, SpotOn recommends that you remove your dog’s collar when they come inside. This is because GPS does not work indoors, and SpotOn cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

Halo Pack Members can use additional devices called Halo Beacons to give themselves and their dog(s) rules and boundaries – both outdoors and indoors. You can set up a Beacon to keep your dog away from places like your kitchen, front door, or garbage can. Beacons are simple to set up in the Halo App. They can be used in your house, in your yard, or anywhere else you take your dog. SpotOn does not offer this functionality.
The Halo Collar can seamlessly roam between Wi-Fi and cellular, and between multiple Wi-Fi routers or your phone’s hotspot. This gives you a fast and reliable connection – even when cellular service is limited in your location. On the other hand, SpotOn has no Wi-Fi capabilities, so you can’t communicate with a SpotOn collar in areas with poor cell service.


Cesar Millan’s In-App Training Program

Halo’s one-of-a-kind in-app training program was designed by world-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan.
Cesar has decades of experience in training all kinds of dogs. His unparalleled expertise has made him a multiple New York Times bestselling author and top-rated TV personality. He has trained dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities. Cesar has developed a fundamental understanding of the commonalities that unite all dogs. He has leveraged this knowledge to build a training program that is effective no matter the age, breed or personality of your dog. His understanding of how dogs learn and react is incorporated right into the Halo Collar itself. This understanding will ensure that your dog listens to the feedback they receive.

Going through Cesar Millan’s in-app training program will bring you and your dog closer than ever before. You will come to understand how your dog learns and communicates, establishing a new level of trust and respect that will last a lifetime. Plus, the Halo app keeps track of you and your dog’s training progress. Unlike SpotOn, Halo tells you how reliably your dog is responding to their Halo Collar’s feedback.

Not only will this training bring you closer to your dog, but its benefits will transcend their use of the Halo Collar. Halo Pack members report better behavior from and communication with their dogs, long after Halo training has been completed.
Halo recently transformed its in-app training experience. All Halo training lessons are divided into bite-sized video clips featuring Cesar Millan and expert dog trainer Heather Mickelson. Even better – Halo training lessons can now be viewed on any smart device including phones, tablets, and even smart TVs.


Customer Support: Halo Collar vs. SpotOn

Purchasing a valuable piece of technology is a big decision. It is also reassuring to have access to a customer service team that is readily-available, driven, and knowledgeable about their product.

Halo and SpotOn both offer support via live chat, phone, and email. The difference? Halo’s Support Team is available to assist you in live Zoom sessions in the Halo Dog Park. The Halo Dog Park is the first ever virtual dog park made to support pet parents. It is open to Halo Pack members seven days a week. It even gives you access to world-class experts who are out of reach to the typical dog owner.

The Dog Park contains different rooms that you can visit depending on what you need help with. Check out the Halo Store if you have pre-purchase questions or need assistance placing an order. Or, you can visit the Halo Support area if you need help with your Halo Collar, App, or Training. In the Dog Park, you can demonstrate any issue using your phone’s camera, or share your screen with our team members (and vice versa). This ensures that support is as effective as possible.

Halo also remotely monitors every Halo Collar every day to identify and remotely fix any potential hardware issues in real time. If an issue is detected that we cannot fix remotely, you can see it yourself right in the Halo app. And, if you do not notice it in the app, the Halo Support Team will proactively alert you and help you solve it.


Unrivaled Dog Content

As a Halo Pack member, you can get access to exclusive live events with dog trainers, behaviorists (including Cesar himself), and other industry experts. There are special programs like these almost every week, providing additional value to Halo Pack Members.

You also get access to a library of dog content, including training, health and wellness, entertainment, and much more. No other GPS dog fence system on the market offers anything like this.


Pursuit of Perfection

The Halo team is dedicated to providing Pack members and their pups with the safest wireless dog containment system in the world. As such, we relentlessly pursue improvements to all aspects of the Halo System.

With over 150,000 Halo Collars shipped throughout the country, we are constantly collecting feedback from our Pack members. Our team monitors how each Halo performs and how our users are using the Halo app. This understanding helps us identify improvements we can make to the Halo Collar, App, and Training experience.

Halo has already launched several iterations of the Halo GPS dog collar fence. The Halo Collar 1 was released in late 2020, the Halo Collar 2 came in late 2021, and the Halo Collar 2+ arrived in the middle of 2022. Most recently the Halo Collar 3 GPS dog fence launched September 2023. Improvements have included enhanced physical durability, real-time GPS tracking, extended battery life, and better network connectivity. On the other hand, SpotOn has only recently introduced their second iteration of their collar. Meanwhile their first iteration – released a few years ago – is already obsolete, and can no longer support cellular connectivity.

Halo regularly releases wireless firmware updates to improve collar performance and add new features. These updates download to your Halo Collar automatically while it is charging, so you get improved performance without needing to take any action. On the contrary, our Halo Collar firmware updates apply to EVERY GENERATION of Halo – including Halo Collar 1. This includes updates of the Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular chips themselves as the technology evolves. No other consumer technology company provides this level of service and future-proofness.
But the improvements don’t stop there. Halo’s software development team is always working on ways to enhance the user experience of the Halo app. New app versions are released almost every two weeks. Updates, which are automatic, make the app continually easier to use.

Halo Collar vs. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence Summary

Halo Collar and SpotOn are two containment solutions that utilize GPS in a collar. However, when you dig deeper, Halo goes above and beyond to drive value for Pack members in a way that SpotOn cannot.

Halo delivers unmatched value with a significantly lower price point and many more helpful features. Halo rises far above SpotOn with unparalleled GPS location accuracy, an expertly-crafted training program, best-in-class customer service, and an indomitable will to innovate and lead.

Halo’s solution is for dog owners who are serious about keeping their dogs safe and developing a strong, trusting relationship with them through training. When it comes to the Halo Collar vs. SpotOn, Halo is the easy choice among GPS dog collar containment solutions.

A few more points about the Halo Collar vs. SpotOn:

  • Halo accommodates GPS wireless dog fences in a wider range of spaces than SpotOn. A SpotOn dog fence requires a minimum of a half acre of space, while Halo can work in as little as 0.2 acres. The average Halo Pack member’s fence size is 0.23 acres.
  • Halo can accommodate dogs with a neck circumference of up to 30.5 inches. SpotOn’s collar can only fit a dog’s neck that is 26 inches or fewer.

Halo vs. SpotOn

Price (typical) $699 $1295
Monthly Cellular/Active Collar Fee $5.99 $9.95
Customers 150K, plus "Thousands"
Containment 3 escalating levels to keep dog in: audio > vibration > static, with return whistle to guide dogs back to safety Warning sound then Static
Return Whistle Automated for fence containment and on-demand through app
Creating Fences Tapping on map in app Recommended to walk perimeter
GPS/Location All Global Satellites; Most accurate receiver; Instant Fix technology 4 networks, requires manual ”forest mode”; no Instant Fix
Location Tracking Always-on real-time updates 6-second updates when lost
Indoor Keep-Away Zones Yes, using beacons
Activity Monitoring Yes, real-time and historical
Wireless Comms LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi LTE, Bluetooth
Dog Content
World-Class Trainers
Customer Service Live Zoom, 24/7 AI Chat, Email, Phone Chat, Email, Phone - only during limited hours
Security Theft prevention and data encryption

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