Firmware Update: 0.1.60

Written by The Halo Team

December 9, 2020

In this article, we’re going to tell you about a few exciting new features that were made available in one of our latest firmware updates, version 0.1.60.

Please read on for a list of what was included, and what it means for your Halo experience.


GPS Reliability Improvement

Firmware version 0.1.60 features a new algorithm which prevents the GPS from “jumping” to a new location when your Halo’s accelerometer registers new motion, or a transition from indoor GPS to outdoor GPS. This means that the GPS will now move more gradually, making the position appear more ‘stable’. This should also eliminate certain unexpected Preventions that occurred rarely for some users, either while inside the fence or just after leaving the house.


GPS Calibration

New in-app calibration notices will now be available with this firmware release. In addition to your collar’s GPS LED blinking RED, you will also now receive in-app notifications to alert you when a GPS calibration is required. This means that it is necessary to bring your Halo Collar outside, with an unobstructed view of the sky, to recalibrate its connection to satellites. When calibration is completed, the GPS LED will blink BLUE. You will also receive an in-app notification that calibration has been completed.


Power Button Improvements

Based on excellent feedback from some of our Early Adopters, this firmware release also features a change to the power button’s “power-down” cycle. Now, in order to “Power Off” the collar, the Power Button must be held down and the collar must be resting with the USB port facing up (speaker facing down). Otherwise, the button press is ignored. This should prevent ‘accidental’ button presses.


Additional Reliability Improvements

Firmware version 0.1.60 fixed a rare issue that required the collar to be reset prior to allowing your phone to establish a Bluetooth connection. In addition, general performance improvements have been implemented with regard to communications and connectivity across Bluetooth, WiFi, and motion sensing.


This firmware update has been rolled out in phases, and became fully available to all users on Wednesday, December 9th.

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