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Mornings with Maria: Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan on creating smart collar -

"That collar is great, what a fantastic idea!"
-Maria Bartiromo
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The Halo Collar Uses Smart Fence Technology and GPS To Keep Your Dog Safe – Here’s How -

"The Halo Collar is not your typical dog collar. It is an all-in-one smart solution"
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Video: Pet Pals TV takes a look at the Halo Collar -

"...behavioral training [is] built into the product itself. That's exactly what sets this smart dog collar apart from any other models available on the market."
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Halo Collar – All-in-One Smart Dog Collar & Boundary System -

"...the perfect dog boundary training system and dog containment solution for any dog."

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Are you the forgetful type? Here are 5 ways tech can help find your phone, keys, parked car, or pet - 5/8/2021

Halo receives a recommendation in USA Today's article on exciting new tracking tech!
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Halo by PAWS Announces Significant Feature Updates - 5/7/2021

Halo announces several updates to the revolutionary Halo collar including improved GPS accuracy and indoor-outdoor recognition, significantly improving the performance of Halo's virtual fences.
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Cesar Millan Reveals How To Keep Your Pandemic Pooch Happy at Home - 4/15/2021

Cesar Millan interviews at Realtor.com and talks tips to keep your pooches happy, including getting them Halo!