Press Coverage

Pet Pals TV: Halo Collar – All-in-One Smart Dog Collar and Boundary Training System - 02/03/2021

David Lawrence Novak from Pet Pals TV provides an in-depth review and analysis of the Halo Collar with Cesar Millan

Inc.: Cesar Millan: How to Be the Leader of Your Pack, Behind the Brand with the Dog Whisperer - 01/04/2021

Cesar Millan talks about his life, his training methods, his love for dogs, and the Halo Collar in this in-depth interview article and video by Inc.

The Business Journals: NTX Inno’s 2020 startup gift guide - 12/25/2020

"While the joys of having a pup are great, training it and keeping it safe and sometime be otherwise, so why not let Cesar Milan help? As a co-founder of Plano-based Halo, the company is combining his canine wisdom with tech to make a smart collar for dogs."

The Hollywood Times: Interview with Cesar Millan Who Launches a 4-in-1 Smart Dog System HALO Collar - 12/21/2020

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to speak with Cesar Milan recently about his new Smart Dog System HALO Collar.

Trendhunter: The Halo Dog Collar Keep Pets Safe with Multiple Security Levels - 12/10/2020

"The Halo dog collar is a smart device from celebrity dog trainer Caesar Millan, who sought out a technology-driven solution to keeping pets safe without having to confine them to a fenced yard..."

Grit Daily: Show and Tell – Halo All-In-One Smart Collar by César Millán - 12/07/2020

"Let’s say Scruffy approaches my custom boundary. She will feel some vibrations from the collar as a warning. If she finds the virtual border, it will trigger a setting that releases a customized voice command which I can preset on the app with my voice saying “Scruffy come home!” But if not even my voice could pull her out of the trance, the collar will go into emergency mode. It gives me real-time data on Scruffy’s location and activity, and it continues with the vibrations..."

Pet Age: Dog Behaviorist Cesar Millan Shares His Views on the Pet Care Industry - 12/02/2020

Millan joined a team of pet and technology experts formed by Ken Ehrman to help create the Halo Collar, a 4-in-1 smart dog system built on a mission of “no more lost dogs” and designed with three main goals: safety, communication and freedom.

WPIX Video: Dog psychology expert Cesar Millan shows off Halo, a game-changer for New York dog owners - 11/28/2020

Cesar Millan speaks behavioral science and the Halo Collar on WPIX New York City, NY.

Show Continental: CIENCIA: El nuevo collar para perros de César Millan cambia las reglas del juego para los dueños de perros de Florida - 11/25/2020

" función Smart Fence de Halo permite a los usuarios crear áreas virtuales seguras completamente cerradas que le permiten a su perro deambular de forma segura sin correa dentro de las Halo Fences que usted crea. Las vallas inteligentes sin instalación de Halo hacen que lo mejor en seguridad sea accesible para los dueños de mascotas en todas partes, incluso si no son propietarios. Ya sea en el patio, en el parque para perros, en la playa o en una aventura, Halo brinda libertad y seguridad en cualquier lugar."

Dallas Business Journal: Plano tech company launches smart collar for dogs with help of Cesar Millan - 11/23/2020

"The mission that we have… is changing the relationship that people have with their dogs and really their whole approach to this affection, relationship.” - Michael Ehrman