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Halo on Cheddar News -

Check out Cesar Millan and our founder Ken Ehrman's most recent interview on Cheddar News.
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Halo with Cesar Millan Announces Partnership with D’Amelio Family - 8/3/2021

Halo with Cesar Millan announces a partnership with the D’Amelio family.  This family of dog lovers are using The Halo Collar with their four dogs Belle, Rebel, Cali and Codi!
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Mornings with Maria: Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan on creating smart collar -

"That collar is great, what a fantastic idea!"
-Maria Bartiromo
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The Halo Collar Uses Smart Fence Technology and GPS To Keep Your Dog Safe – Here’s How -

"The Halo Collar is not your typical dog collar. It is an all-in-one smart solution"
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Video: Pet Pals TV takes a look at the Halo Collar -

"...behavioral training [is] built into the product itself. That's exactly what sets this smart dog collar apart from any other models available on the market."

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KTLA: Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan and Ken Ehrman talk about creating the Halo Dog Collar - 10/26/2021

Cesar Millan and Ken Ehrman talked about creating the Halo Collar as an “invisible fence” for your pets. They explained the inspiration for the collar and how to use it.
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Introducing the new Halo Collar, the Go Anywhere Wireless Fence - 10/26/2021

Breakthrough Smart Fence Pet Technology Co-Created by Cesar Millan Keeps Your Dog Safely Contained & Encourages a Life Off Leash

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