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Video: Pet Pals TV takes a look at the Halo Collar -

"...behavioral training [is] built into the product itself. That's exactly what sets this smart dog collar apart from any other models available on the market."
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Halo Collar – All-in-One Smart Dog Collar & Boundary System -

"...the perfect dog boundary training system and dog containment solution for any dog."
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Interview with Cesar Millan Who Launches a 4-in-1 Smart Dog System HALO Collar -

"...dog owners learn how to keep their four-legged companions as safe as possible, in the most intuitive way."
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Plano tech company launches smart collar for dogs with help of Cesar Millan -

"...combining the asset tracking tech with the canine behavioral wisdom of Cesar Millan."

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Halo Collar – The only smart collar with intuitive training, GPS location, and smart fences in one… - 4/10/2021

"Other dog fences are limited, but the possibilities with Halo are endless."
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Audio: Inventor, ‘Dog Whisperer’ team up to tackle lost pet problem - 3/12/21

Ken Ehrman, co-founder of Halo Collar, does an interview with KRLD's Chris Sommer to talk about the Halo Collar.
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Celebrity Inventor: Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer On How To Go From Idea To Store Shelf - 3/9/2021

"We humans a lot of the time expect dogs to think like us, but dogs learn in a different way. So with Halo, you start by learning what your dog needs from you first, so that you can train them to stay safer than ever." - Cesar Millan