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Halo Beacons

Get more out of Halo with our range of bluetooth devices

Zone Beacon


Prevent your dog from digging up your flowerbeds, keep them away from the pool or off your couch, and more. The weatherproof Zone Beacon creates feedback zones anywhere, with long battery life and secure mounting options.


  • Create “Keep-Away” Zones
  • Create “Ignore Fence” Zones

Remote Beacon


Call your dog back to you from anywhere with the push of a button—no phone necessary. The Remote Beacon attaches easily to a keychain or leash so it’s always nearby and your dog is just one click away.


  • Send Instant Feedback to collar

What you can do with Beacons

Create Keep Away Zones

Keep your dog out of unwanted areas by simulating the presence of a Halo fence boundary.

Keep your dog away from things like trash cans, pools, or the front door.

Ignore Fences

Take your dog through your Halo fence without receiving any fence feedback.

Secure it to your dog's leash for a walk or place one in your car for a ride, allowing you and your dog to leave the fenced area effortlessly.

Send Instant Feedback

Instantly send feedback on-demand to your dog without your phone.

Customizable settings enable you to call your dog to you using the return whistle or provide fence feedback.

Comparison chart

Zone Beacon
Remote Beacon
Training Beacon
USB Beacon
Keep-Away Zone
Ignore Fences
Instant Feedback
Replaceable Battery
Battery Life (approx.)
15 Months
9 Months
1 Month
Mount anywhere
328 ft (100m)
164 ft (50m)
295 ft (90m)
131 ft (40m)


View all FAQs

What is a Beacon?

Beacons are small devices that automatically communicate with your Halo collar when they are nearby each other - even indoors.

The Zone Beacon, USB Beacon and Training Beacon can be set to one of two modes: “Keep-Away” mode or “Ignore Fences” mode. “Keep-Away” mode is used to keep your dog out of unwanted or unsafe areas by simulating the presence of a Halo Fence boundary. “Ignore Fences” mode can be used to create a portable ‘safe’ zone where your pup won’t receive any Fence feedback.

The Remote Beacon can give your dog instant feedback of your choosing with just a push of a button instead of going into the Halo app.

How do you add a Beacon to the Halo App?

Before you can use a Beacon, you will need to add it to your account in the Halo app. Once your Beacon is turned on, open the app and go to the Settings tab and tap My Beacons. Then, tap “Add Beacon” on the next screen.

Once you tap “Add Beacon,” select the type of Beacon you are adding. Your Halo app will then search for nearby Beacons, it may take about 60 seconds to appear in your “Nearby Beacons” list. The Beacons will be listed on the app screen along with their serial numbers. You can find the serial number on your Beacon. Tap the Beacon that you would like to add to your account and name it whatever you’d like - ideally something prescriptive so you remember where it’s placed.

How to change the range of a Beacon

The Zone Beacon, USB Beacon and Training Beacon come with customizable ranges so you can tailor them to fit you and your dog’s needs. For example, you may want to keep your dog away from your pool, which could require a large Beacon radius in your backyard. On the other hand, if you want to keep your dog away from the stove in your kitchen, you might utilize a smaller Beacon radius.

To change the radius of a Beacon, open your app and go to the Settings tab.Next, tap My Beacons and then the name of the Beacon that you would like to edit. Now tap ‘level’, then identify the Blue Slider located at the bottom of the light blue circle. Press and hold the Blue Slider, then slide it up or down to change the Beacon radius.

Are Beacon batteries replaceable?

Yes! If your Beacon won’t turn on or if you receive a notification that it is running low on battery, then you will need a new battery. You can buy a replacement battery from most pharmacies or online - and easily replace it yourself.

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