Protect the collar that protects your dog.

Halo Care and the Halo Protection Plan.

Accidents can happen, especially with dogs. That’s why every Halo comes with a Halo Protection Plan, which lets you order a replacement collar at a discounted price for any reason. For extra protection, you can enroll in Halo Care to get an even lower replacement price. Choose the best plan to fit your needs:

Halo Protection Plan*


  • Monthly Fee:
    $0 (included with active Halo subscription plan)
  • Enrollment:
    Included with active Halo subscription plan
  • Replacement Cost:
    $449 per collar ($399 if on Gold Plan since activation or more than 3 months)

Halo Care**


  • Monthly Fee:
    $9.99 per enrolled collar
  • Enrollment:
    Must enroll each collar within 60 days of activation
  • Replacement Cost:
    $149 per collar
Halo Protection Plan Details

The Halo Protection Plan is included with all Halo Subscription Plans (Basic, Silver and Gold). Replacement collars cost $449, or $399 for Halo Pack members who signed up for a Gold Plan when selecting a Subscription Plan or have maintained a Gold Plan for 3 months or longer.

Reasons you may need to replace your collar include, but are not limited to:

  • Upgrading to a newer version/generation of the Halo Collar
  • Accidental damage - including wear and tear
  • Loss or theft of your Halo collar
Halo Care Details

Halo Care allows you to buy a replacement collar for $149 for any reason with a monthly subscription of $9.99 per collar.

Once you have purchased a Halo Collar and after you have signed up for a Halo Subscription Plan, that collar will be eligible to be enrolled in Halo Care within 60 days of activation.

There are two ways you can manage your Halo Care enrollment from the My Account page:

  1. Enable “Halo Care Auto-Enrollment” at any time - such as when first signing up for your Halo subscription plan. This option will automatically enroll any collar you activate on your account moving forward.
  2. Add a collar to your account using the Halo app (“activate” your collar). Then, enroll that collar in Halo Care on your My Account page within 60 days.

NOTE: If you do not enroll any individual collar in Halo Care within 60 days of purchase, that collar is no longer eligible for Halo Care.

Important Considerations

The following specifications apply to replacements from both the Halo Protection Plan and Halo Care:

  • Halo Collar replacements do not include any accessories, such as straps, contact tips, Halo Beacons, USB chargers, Halo Pro Case, ect. Be sure to keep these accessories from your previous collar, or purchase additional ones from our Accessories page.
  • Your collar that is being replaced will be deactivated either immediately OR two weeks after ordering your replacement collar. You can make this selection when purchasing your replacement collar.
    • If you wish to discontinue billing for the old collar immediately (e.g. it is broken or lost), you should opt to deactivate immediately.
    • If you want to keep using the old collar for up to two weeks (e.g. you are just upgrading or refreshing to a new collar), you will continue to be billed for the old collar accordingly until it is deactivated.

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