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Choosing the best GPS wireless dog fence for me.

We get a lot of questions asking “What is the Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fence?” and “Is it better than other dog fence options?” We know how confusing it can be, as you could be looking at options like “electric fence”, “in-ground electric fence”, “invisible fence”, “wireless fence” or “GPS fence”. You are doing your research to make the best decision for you and your dog, so we hope this page can bring you some clarity and explain the various options at your disposal. An Invisible Fence® is an alternative to installing an above-ground dog fence in your yard. It aims to keep your dog(s) contained within your yard, despite there being no physical barrier present. Specifically, many questions arise about how the Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fence is different from Invisible Fence®. Below, we’ll discuss different dog fence options and summarize why Halo’s GPS Wireless Dog Fence is the best choice available today.

Why should I choose Halo’s wireless fence instead of an in-ground wire or electric fence?

Halo’s wireless fence is a GPS-based fence that works for all dogs with a neck size of 11 inch or larger and weighing 20+ lbs. It costs less than an in-ground wire fence for dogs and delivers far superior value. Here’s why:


No installation required.

Halo’s GPS wireless dog fence doesn’t require any installation. There are two super easy methods you can use to set up a Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fence. You can either place the fence posts where you would like them on the map in the Halo App, or you can hold your Halo Collar and walk to each location where you’d like to place a fence post. On the other hand, in-ground wire fences like the Invisible Fence® require you to rip up your yard to install a costly underground wire… and that fence only contains your dog in one location. If you were to move or decide that your in-ground electric fence needs to be edited, then you would once again need to rip up your yard to make any changes. That process is costly, time-consuming, stressful, and inefficient. Many properties have characteristics that make it difficult to install an in-ground wire fence, such as rocks, trees, and changes in elevation. Not to mention that rental properties will not allow you to install an in-ground wired fence. The Halo System’s easy setup means that it can be used effectively in any yard or area, even those that present challenging geographical features or that you do not own. Compared to Invisible Fence®, it’s a no-brainer that Halo provides much more value for dog owners. Halo’s incredible installation-free and quick setup process makes it simple to create a Halo Fence anywhere you go, opening up a world of possible adventures for you and your dog.
Protective cases on collars in either ivory or graphite color


Gone are the days when you would need to leave your dog at home or tether them with a leash when going somewhere other than your backyard. Unlike Invisible Fence® the Halo Collar and its unrivaled protection can go with you anywhere that you take your dog. Once you complete the training process with your dog, they will know how to respond to their Halo Collar anywhere you set up a fence; they do not need to memorize any specific boundary locations to be contained by Halo. Use the Halo App to easily create customizable Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fences in different locations. These fences are all saved on your Halo Collar, so you can safely contain your dog wherever your adventures take you.

Some places that Halo Pack members love to use their Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fences include:


Enhanced Dog Safety and Real Time Alerts

Halo’s GPS dog fence offers multiple layers of protection – even beyond the boundaries that you set up. You can never run through, past, or around a Halo GPS Collar. If your dog crosses a boundary, your Halo Collar will guide them back to safety. This makes Halo the world’s safest dog containment system! Meanwhile, Invisible Fence® simply shocks your dog as they run through the fence boundary. They may be scared to re-enter the fence because they will be shocked again (Halo never gives correction feedback to a dog that is re-entering their safe zone). Halo also offers real-time alerts in the Halo app, so you can know exactly what your dog is up to at all times! You will receive notifications anytime they trigger Feedback from their Halo Collar. Being a Halo Pack member means having peace of mind because you know that Halo will contain your dog and keep you apprised of their safety status at all times. You won’t get those features from a traditional Invisible Fence® or any in-ground wire fences for dogs. At best, you would need to purchase a GPS tracking dog collar for your dog to supplement the Invisible Fence®. Why fuss with multiple dog safety products when Halo is a true catch-all solution?
Setting fence borders using the phone app

Not a Shock Collar.

Halo’s custom wireless fence empowers you to decide what kinds of feedback are best for your dog. You can choose from a wide array of sounds, vibrations, and static feedback to determine which combination is most effective for your dog’s personality. Each feedback type has 15 levels of intensity, so you can select the appropriate levels that your pup responds to. Halo is designed to work with your dog’s instincts using positive association training – not fear-based aversion training. The same way your dog recognizes that your doorbell means that someone is at the door – and then gets excited – they will also be easily trained to respond to their Halo Collar. Halo’s patented containment system gives your dog three levels of escalating “Preventions” if your dog is leaving the safety zone. Preventions have two objectives:

  1. Get your distracted dog’s attention and then remind them to stop and/or turn around. As soon as they follow the direction, the Preventions stop. Your dog will have mastered this in the Halo Pet Training.
  2. Your dog will learn the Return Whistle, which will be used to guide your dog back to safety after they listen to their Preventions.

These two types of feedback keep your dog contained inside your Halo GPS Wireless Fence more effectively, safely and gently than any other containment solution.


More Information

The Halo App provides Pack members with tons of useful information that they would never have access to with another in-ground wire fence. Because the Halo Collar uses GPS technology to track your dog, you can see your pup’s real-time location status in the app. This means that you can always know where they are, even when you aren’t able to keep an eye on them in person. You can also see detailed statistics pertaining to your dog’s activity level. The app will show you how much of your dog’s time has been spent safely contained versus outside of their fence(s), how many times they received a prevention from their Halo Collar, how much time they spent actively moving around, and how many walks they were taken on. The Halo App also allows you to track your pup’s progress throughout the course of their Halo Training program. You’ll always be able to review the training modules that you have already completed, as well as move forward with training at whatever pace best suits you and your dog. You can even see how well your pups are responding to Halo Feedback using our Feedback Responsiveness Score.
Tracking your dog with the app

Cesar Millan’s Expert Dog Training.

With Cesar Millan’s in-app Halo Training Program, you will understand how your dog learns and communicates. Not only will this training bring you closer to your dog, but its benefits will transcend their use of the Halo Collar. Halo Pack members report better behavior from and communication with their dogs, long after Halo training has been completed. Cesar’s training program is based on positive associations, which are compatible with your dog’s natural instincts. Conversely, Invisible Fence® and electric fence training is based on fear, which can foster feelings of anxiety and distrust in your pup. Read more about Cesar Millan’s journey in expert dog training.
Training steps in the phone app

Cutting-Edge Technology.

Invisible Fence® is an outdated technology. They’re a hassle to install and offer limited portability or flexibility. On the contrary, Halo regularly releases wireless updates to both the Halo Collar and the Halo App, ensuring that the technology is improving on a regular basis. In the last year, improvements to the Halo Collar have included increased battery life, more reliable GPS tracking, and the addition of many new features to the Halo App. Halo isn’t just the safest wireless fence ever created. It’s still becoming safer, smarter, and easier to use on a near-weekly basis. We bet your Invisible Fence® doesn’t do that.


Many dog owners in the United States already own some form of dog containment system or wired in-ground fence. However, these antiquated systems are not nearly as effective as they should be. The Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fence Collar is designed to ensure that you can keep your dog safe with confidence and peace of mind. With Halo, you know that not only is your dog being contained by a world-class piece of technology, but you have access to their location at all times through the Halo App. Halo’s Wireless Dog Fences are the modern solution for dog owners who want to let their pups roam safely off-leash, and are ready to level up from those outdated and ineffective in-ground wire fences. If you’re looking for a dog fence solution, make the right choice: choose Halo’s GPS wireless dog fence.

The Sobering Statistics

  • About 10 million dogs and cats are lost every year.
  • Around 1 million dogs are killed by cars every year.

Invisible Fence® vs. Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fence vs Invisible Fence


Are Invisible Fence® and Electric Fence the same thing?

Invisible Fence® is one of many types of electric fences for dogs. However, the Halo Collar Wireless Dog Fence should be considered a different (and far superior!) option altogether.

Halo’s Wireless Dog Fence is stored in your pup’s collar and requires no underground installation. Halo is so much more than an Invisible Fence® or Electric Fence!

How does an Invisible Fence® work and how is it different from a wireless fence?

An Invisible Fence® is a containment system that uses an underground wire to keep your dog within a certain area. If a dog tries to cross the Invisible Fence® line, it will receive an electrical impulse in its collar telling it to turn around.

On the other hand, there are multiple kinds of wireless fences. Traditionally, wireless dog fences have involved a centrally located receiver, around which the owner can set a radius that their dog cannot depart. It was a useful idea in the past - but cutting-edge technology in the dog containment market has far surpassed these outdated devices.

The Halo Collar Wireless Dog Fence is the modern, state-of-the-art wireless fence for dog containment. While a ‘regular’ wireless fence can only contain your dog in one place, Halo’s Wireless Fence can contain your dog anywhere you take them!

Add in the amazing benefits that come along with Cesar Millan’s Training Program and the Halo App, and it’s clear that the Halo System is the safest and best wireless dog fence ever made!

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