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Setting the standard for dog safety

Unrivaled technology and innovation sets Halo apart as the most accurate GPS dog fence ever created.

Accuracy = Distance + Time


How precise are the locations
of the collar and fence?

Most accurate GPS receiver

Our GNSS receiver (Global Navigation Satellite System) is the most accurate chip used in any GPS collar, able to consistently pinpoint collars and fences with an average precision of 1.4 ft*, wherever your dog goes outside.

Why it matters

Your containment system needs to be consistently precise to give your dog feedback at the exact boundary you set.

*independently verified.

More satellite systems

Our GNSS receiver listens to 6 different satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, NavIC, and QZSS) that cover the entire globe.

Why it matters

Having more satellites in view, spread throughout the sky (151 satellites in total and up to 35 at a time) improves the accuracy of each position calculation.

Drift prevention

Our collar uses motion sensors and AI to catch and eliminate position drift when your dog is not moving.

Why it matters

Halo Collars are able to avoid the natural “drift” that occurs when a GNSS (GPS) receiver stops moving, which can lead to inaccuracies of over 100 ft.


Our proprietary AI-driven software leverages only direct GPS signals and ignores false data from indirect signals (like those that bounce off of buildings, trees and the ground).

Why it matters

Halo Collars avoid a common GPS problem that plagues other devices, ensuring our real-time locations are accurate.


How current are the locations
of the collar and fence?

4 GPS updates per second

Halo Collar receives four position updates per second, so you see your dog’s location in real-time and they receive prevention and encouragement feedback instantly.

Why it matters

A dog can run more than 30 ft in 1 second, so more frequent location updates mean they receive feedback as they approach a boundary, not after.

Real-time collar to phone connectivity

Halo Collar uses the best method available (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular) to connect to your phone, showing your dog's location on the in-app map, updated every second.

Why it matters

Seeing your dog's location on your phone gives you instant peace of mind. Halo automatically connects to your phone via Bluetooth (when you’re with your dog), Wi-Fi (when your dog is home or there's spotty cellular coverage), or the best LTE carrier (including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, in the US)—wherever you are—anywhere in the world


Always powered on and always connected so your dog’s location is always up to date.

Why it matters

Many GPS devices “sleep” to conserve power when they’re not moving which results in long delays upon waking and puts your dog at risk. Others have battery-draining “tracking” modes. To ensure maximum GPS accuracy, Halo is always-on and still provides 24 hours of battery life.

Assisted GPS for no delay

Our time-to-first-fix (TTFF) happens in seconds and not minutes because we send Assisted GPS data (future satellite positions) to your collar over the internet at least once per day.

Why it matters

If your dog is resting indoors and bolts outside, there’s no delay while the collar triangulates its location from the satellite data. Other GPS fences require 30-60 seconds to get an accurate fix when going outdoors, leaving your dog unprotected.

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