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Some of the Best Ideas Are Born Out of the Greatest Need

The Peace of Mind You Deserve

We’re a team of technology and dog experts who have built the world’s most complete safety and training solution for dogs.

Roadside Safety

We put safety above everything else. Other “smart” fences notify you after your dog is unsafe. We’ve developed an advanced suite of smart solutions to protect and prevent safety issues.

Holistic Home Life

The Halo system uses next-gen communication technology and expert training to teach you to “speak dog” effectively and intuitively—with Cesar Millan leading the way.

Our Experts

To make our vision a reality, we’ve built the best possible team of experts.

Ken Ehrman

Ken Ehrman

Founding & Managing Partner

Ken is a technology and safety visionary, who has spent 25+ years pioneering IoT innovations. As the founder of I.D. Systems (now PWFL:NASDAQ), he has 40+ patents that have revolutionized efficiency and worker safety for the biggest and most demanding companies in the world. He is now leveraging his industry relationships and expertise to bring best-in-class safety solutions to dogs and dog lovers. 

Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan

Founding Partner

Internationally recognized as the “Dog Whisperer,” Cesar Millan is a world-renowned dog psychology expert who has starred in numerous TV shows, and is a best-selling author. Cesar’s mission is to train humans, rehabilitate dogs, and improve the trust, respect, and love between humans and dogs everywhere. He provides the “secret sauce” that ensures Halo works naturally for all dogs.   

Michael Ehrman

Michael Ehrman

Founding Partner

Michael spent 24 years as CTO of I.D. Systems.  With his unparalleled knowledge of wireless devices and systems, Michael has 30+ patents and has launched 100+ innovative IoT products, currently in use on over 500,000 industrial and commercial vehicles around the globe.  He is Halo’s technology leader, putting his proven, world-class design practices and solutions into your dog’s Halo. 

Our Mission

We aim to build a better life for each Halo dog, and a better world for every dog, everywhere.

Dog in shield

Roadside Safety

A staggering number of dogs are hit by cars in preventable accidents every year. We aim to eliminate that number for good. The Halo system was designed to work with your dog’s instincts to keep them inside their fences and out of harm’s way.

Paw inside house

Holistic Home Life

Almost half of all dogs surrendered to shelters are given up because people think their behavior “problems” can’t be fixed. We want every dog to have their forever home, so we’ve developed a repeatable training program that will teach you how to rehabilitate problem behaviors.

Magnifying glass as paw

No More Lost Dogs

Over 10 Million pets are lost every year; that’s 1 out of 3. Most make it back home, but many do not. Halo is the only system that can help guide your dog home if he or she gets lost. This protects your pup, and keeps them out of shelters.

Bone in bowl

Better Balance, Better Behavior

The Halo Collar provides automated and manual feedback, so that you won’t be associated with the rules, boundaries, and limitations you set. Halo teaches you to be a better pack leader, and gives your dog natural guidanceso pet parenting feels like second nature. 


Hand holding heart

Live A Life Un-Leashed

Halo uses a holistic approach to help you teach your dog to respect boundaries using mental exercise, rather than physical discipline. Instead of the physical force of a leash on your dog’s neck (or on you), Halo uses natural, simple, profound communication to create better boundariesand less worry.

Outdoor scene

Freedom Any Time, Anywhere

Halo’s installation-free Smart Fences make the best in safety accessible to pet owners everywhereeven if they aren’t homeowners. Whether in the yard, at the dog park, at the beach, or on an adventure, Halo provides freedom and safety in any location.

How Halo Started

In 2017, founder Ken Ehrman was inspired to design a dog safety solution for dogs after his young niece’s dog, Ruby, escaped from her Invisible Fence® and was hit by a car. Ken and his brother, Michael, pioneered countless safety and tracking developments in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) for over 25 years–and those advancements have saved countless lives in the transportation industry. Utilizing this technological expertise, Ken and Michael co-founded Halo with a mission to save dogs’ lives.

Ken brought in Cesar Millan, world-renowned dog behaviorist and built a team that fused Ken and Michael’s advanced technical expertise–with Cesar Millan’s proven dog psychology methods. They partnered with trusted global leaders in app and hardware development to offer the newest smart fence, smart training and smart collar system for dogs. Today, over 200,000 dogs are safely off-leash and protected by Halo.