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Carabiner Kit - $25

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Contact Attachments - $9.99

Care & Specifications

  • Sets of four types of attachments: Contact Tips (Short), Contact Tips (Regular), Contact Blanks (Graphite), and Contact Blanks (Ivory).
  • Hypoallergenic steel design with rounded tips for comfortable contact on skin
  • Screw threads feature nyloc treatment for no-slip grip when screwed into the Halo Collar
  • *Contact attachments should be inserted into the Halo Collar and screwed in to be finger-tight. Please do not use tools to attach Contact Attachments to avoid damaging your Halo Collar’s internal screw threads.
  • *Please do not attach a leash directly to your Halo Collar while using either the Contact Tips (Short) or Contact Tips (Regular). Please always use a slip lead or additional collar instead. Alternatively, you can swap your Contact Tips out for Contact Blanks if attaching a leash to the Halo Collar

USB Cover Flap - $1

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