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    Contact Tip Kit


    This Contact Attachments kit features 3 sets of contact attachments for the ultimate flexibility with your dog’s Halo Collar. Short (S) and Regular (R) Contact Tips are used to effectively communicate vibration and static feedback to your dog. Contact Blanks do not provide any feedback and can be used if you opt to excessively use audio feedback or if you go for a walk. You can select your dog’s contact attachments based on their size, coat length, and even activity type.

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    Care & Specifications

    • Three sets of attachments: 2x Contact Tips (Short), 2x Contact Tips (Regular), 2x Contact Blanks.
    • Hypoallergenic steel design with rounded tips for comfortable contact on skin
    • Screw threads feature nyloc treatment for no-slip grip when screwed into the Halo Collar
    • *Contact attachments should be inserted into the Halo Collar and screwed in to be finger-tight. Please do not use tools to attach Contact Attachments to avoid damaging your Halo Collar’s internal screw threads. 
    • *Please do not attach a leash directly to your Halo Collar while using either the Contact Tips (Short) or Contact Tips (Regular). Please always use a slip lead or additional collar instead. Alternatively, you can swap your Contact Tips out for Contact Blanks if attaching a leash to the Halo Collar

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