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    Remote Beacon


    The Remote Beacon can call your dog back to you from anywhere with the push of a button—no phone necessary. You can customize the feedback that is right for your dog (return whistle, praise, warning, boundary, or emergency) in the Halo Collar app at any time. The Remote Beacon attaches easily to a keychain or leash so it’s always nearby and your dog is just one click away.


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    How it works

    Comparison chart

    Zone Beacon
    Remote Beacon
    Training Beacon
    USB Beacon
    Keep-Away Zone
    Ignore Fences
    Instant Feedback
    Replaceable Battery
    Battery Life (approx.)
    15 Months
    9 Months
    1 Month
    Mount anywhere
    328 ft (100m)
    164 ft (50m)
    295 ft (90m)
    131 ft (40m)

    Care & Specifications

    • To power on/off: hold down button for 5 seconds (on: 1 long blink, off: 5 short blinks)
    • Wipe clean with a damp cloth, do not submerge in water
    • Replaceable CR2032 battery, 230mAh (battery included) – 9 month battery life
    • Beacon size: 45mm x 45mm x 6.5mm, 20g


    • iBeacon MFi Licence (iBC-14-00582)
    • Bluetooth(R) EPL Certification
    • FCC Regulations (FCC Rule Parts 15C)
    • CE Regulations (included EN300328/301489/62368/62479

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