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Guide to Better RV Travel with your Dog

Better RV Travel with your Dog owner and dog in RV

Written by The Halo Team

June 29, 2022

When a dog owner decides to take an RV trip, there are many things to consider. One of the foremost concerns is how to ensure the safety and comfort of their pet along the way. Just a few years ago, the only solution available was a portable dog fence, also called a camping fence. These bulky fences needed to be loaded into an RV and re-installed at every stop. Depending on the size of your dog, these fences could weigh as much as 70 lbs! 

With much-improved technology available to dog owners today, your RV dog fence can be as small as a dog collar.

Cesar Milan with pets and RV

What is a portable wireless dog fence?

Wireless dog fences are a relatively new class of product. These tools allow you to keep your dog safe virtually everywhere you take your RV. How is that possible?

These fences give you the option to easily contain your dog anywhere, without needing to bring a physical fence with you. You can designate custom-made boundaries for your pup wherever you set up camp. Their collar will then store those boundaries and use GPS technology to track your dog.

When your dog approaches the boundary that you set, their collar will give them feedback to let them know they need to turn around. This technology provides unmatched protection for dogs (and owners) who use it. As a result, RV owners can safely take their dog(s) everywhere they go – without needing to install a physical camping fence and essentially keep their dog in a cage. 

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Why put your dog in a cage? 

Some dog owners will purchase a portable physical fence to install wherever they take their RV. They need to buy different sized panels to combine into one fence. This setup will vary depending on the size and shape of the space available.

While this type of fence may contain your pup, it is not a great alternative. Needing to physically set up a fence every time you travel with your dog is time-consuming and difficult.

This type of fence is also not as secure as a wireless fence. If your dog manages to escape the physical fencing, there is no mechanism in place to guide them back. Alternatively, some wireless dog fences have an essential feature that allows the owner to always track their dog’s location: GPS dog collars. 

Regardless of where you’re going, we recommend that RV owners choose a wireless virtual dog fence instead of a physical barrier.

Which is the best wireless RV dog fence?

As the Halo Collar’s popularity has surged, it has garnered a reputation as the safest wireless dog fence on the market. Thousands of dog owners are joining the Halo Pack each month. It is becoming obvious that Halo’s wireless dog fence is life-changing for RV owners and their dogs.

RV owners are one of the many groups of dog lovers who have begun using Halo to keep their dogs safe and happy off-leash.

Halo is quickly becoming the go-to wireless dog fence for RV owners. It is perfect for those who are always on the move. This is because it gives owners the safety and reliability of a physical fence, with no installation required. The Halo System prevents the need to set up heavy panels, wires, or doggie doors. RVers can easily bring Halo with them everywhere they go.

Using a virtual fence also alleviates the need to pack fencing materials. The size and shape of your dog’s play area will depend on what campsite you’re at. Halo fences are fully customizable at each location, so you can ensure your pup has ample room to roam safely. This feature only requires a few taps of your finger in the Halo App.

dog in RV, RV travel with dog

What to do with your dog when camping in an RV?

More than 65% of RVers bring their pets with them when they travel, according to the RV Industry Association. That’s A LOT of dogs who could be stuck in their owner’s RV or on a leash all day… but not with Halo’s Wireless Dog Fence Solution. 

No matter where your RV adventures take you, the wireless Halo System is the perfect GPS dog fence. Halo will give your dog the life-changing freedom to roam off-leash. Simultaneously, it will give you the confidence that your pup will remain safely within the boundaries that you set for them. 

There is no need to coop your dog up in an undersized pen; dogs are meant to get a ton of physical activity. Activities such as running around freely, playing fetch, and other forms of exercise are of essential importance to a dog’s quality of life. Utilizing a containment system that gives your dog adequate space to play is an important aspect of being a loving RV dog owner.

How Halo can help you on your next RV trip

VIDEO: Learn more about how the Halo Collar works

Halo allows you to create up to 20 wireless dog fences in different locations. This feature gives you the power to set ideal fence boundaries anywhere that you visit. Common places to create Halo Fences include your home’s backyard, the beach, the park, or any campground.

The Halo App is super easy to use. Anyone can create a Halo Fence by walking around their desired fence perimeter while holding the collar. Alternatively, you can use your finger to place fence posts on the satellite map in the app.

The size of your Halo Fence is virtually unlimited. You can place up to 20 virtual fence posts to create the perfect fence. This feature allows you to work around your surroundings seamlessly.

“Someone who loves the outdoors just as much as I do is Ivey, my two year old goldendoodle whose backyard changes depending on where the RV is parked, so we use the Halo Collar. It’s so easy to use and you can save 20 fences with a couple of taps in the app.”

happy dog outside with Halo collar

Why is Halo the safest GPS dog fence?

Since Halo uses GPS tracking technology, it works to contain your dog even when you don’t have a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. 

When you create a Fence in the Halo App, your collar will automatically download that fence’s coordinates. As such, it will track your dog’s location and give them fence Boundary Feedback at just the right time – even if you have no cell service! That means that you can trust Halo to keep your pup safe, even at the most remote destinations. 

If you’re going camping and know the location in advance, you can set your dog’s boundaries in the app before heading to the campsite. That way, your pup’s Halo Fence will be ready to contain them as soon as you arrive. 

In some circumstances, there may be an area within your dog’s Halo Fence that you want them to stay away from. If this is the case, you can deploy an Outdoor Halo Beacon to keep them away. Halo Beacons give your dog the same feedback that they receive when they approach a Halo Fence boundary.

ARTICLE: What are Halo Beacons?

Also, Halo’s GPS tracking means that you can see where your dog is at all times. In the unlikely event that your pup leaves their fence area, the Halo App will show you their exact whereabouts. Not only that, but their collar will automatically produce a Return Whistle to guide them back to safety!

We have clearly established that the Halo Collar is the best wireless GPS dog fence for RV owners. Now, let’s talk about where you should bring your dog with Halo.

RV Trips to take with your dog

  • Day Trips: Bring your dog hiking, to the beach, or to the dog park and set a Halo Fence around the perimeter. Now, they can experience the true freedom of running around off-leash in these areas – while you can be confident that they’re safely contained.
  • Camping: Nothing beats having your best friend with you at the campground. However, most dog owners need to tether their pup to something so they don’t wander away. With Halo, your pup can move around freely and safely. If they ever leave your sight, you can track them with the touch of your finger. If you want them to come back to you, you can deploy the Return Whistle feature to call them over.
  • Rest Areas: RV owners often need to stop at rest areas, and many become comfortable stopping at the same ones over and over again. Create a Halo Fence at your favorite rest area so you can safely let your dog out as soon as you arrive.

dog and owner by water and mountains

Summary: Using an RV Dog Fence on your next trip

We know that a high percentage (65%!) of RV owners like to take their pet with them when they travel. Whether you have a large dog or small dog, you need a plan for how to safely include your pup on your adventure. Investing in an RV dog fence is a great place to start.

Wherever you set up camp, you should designate an area for your dog to play in. Make sure that they have enough space to roam; this will keep them happy and active. As all dog owners know: an active dog is better behaved than a sedentary one.

If you have a story of how Halo has changed your life as an RV dog owner, please share it with us. We’d love to hear from you!

If you aren’t yet a member of the Halo Pack, consider how it could improve quality of life for you and your dog. After all, it is the safest wireless dog fence on the market.

We look forward to helping you make the most of your upcoming RV adventure!

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