Now your dog can safely enjoy RV travel as much as you do.


Now wherever you go, you can create a Halo Wireless Fence to keep your dog safe, protected and free. All it takes is a few quick taps in our easy-to-use app—whether you’re camping, RVing or exploring the great outdoors.

RV dog fence
Travel with dogs
An RV dog fence makes travel even more fun for your dog with the Halo Go-Anywhere Wireless Fence. Save $50 with offer code HALORV.
  • The safest containment solution for travelers and their dogs
  • Create up to 20 travel-friendly GPS fences for peace of mind
  • Works at any location—campsites, RV parks, mountains, even the beach
  • No wires or digging required so there are no travel limitations
  • Real-time location tracking is perfect for exploring new places
Setting invisible fence on the beach

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