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    Halo USB Beacon


    The USB Beacon plugs into the wall charger (included) or any standard USB-A port to create “Keep Away” or “Ignore Fence” zones near wall outlets, computers, or other indoor locations. The USB Beacon turns on whenever connected to power, so it will continue to run as long as the power source has live power, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries.


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    Comparison chart

    Zone Beacon
    Remote Beacon
    Training Beacon
    USB Beacon
    Keep-Away Zone
    Ignore Fences
    Instant Feedback
    Replaceable Battery
    Battery Life (approx.)
    15 Months
    9 Months
    1 Month
    Mount anywhere
    328 ft (100m)
    164 ft (50m)
    295 ft (90m)
    131 ft (40m)

    Care & Specifications

    • Operates when connected to power, no battery required
    • Indoor use only; do not submerge in water
    • Beacon size: 19mm length x 14mm width x 6.5mm height
    • Adapter size: 38mm (53mm with outlet prongs) length x 32mm width x 22 height


    • iBeacon MFi License (iBC-14-00582)
    • FCC Regulation (FCC Part 15; contains FCCID: 2ABU6-C3)
    • IC: 20896-D15N
    • CE Regulations (Included EN300328/301489/60950/62479)

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