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Top 10 Dog Travel Accessories

Man traveling with his beagle dog by auto

Written by The Halo Team

November 22, 2023

Every dog owner knows trips are more fun when your furry friend tags along. Whether you’re having fun outdoors, making a cross-country road trip or flying to another country, bringing your pup helps it explore new environments and lets you make lifelong memories with your trusted companion.

However, taking your dog away from the familiarity of home poses unique challenges. While you can’t safeguard against all possible risks, having the right accessories can help you deal with the most common difficulties of pets traveling.

These top 10 dog travel accessories will help keep your dog healthy, occupied and safe during all your trips.

The Importance of Proper Travel Accessories for Dogs

Dogs tend to get bored, annoyed and restless during long journeys. The hustle and bustle of traveling can also lead to an upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. When you have the right accessories during a journey, you can keep your pup entertained, discreetly clean up its messes, and relieve any discomfort caused by motion sickness, thirst, hunger or fatigue.

Many dogs, including well-trained service animals, misbehave or become aggressive when interacting with new people and environments. Bringing accessories that can keep them calm lowers the risk they pose to themselves and others.

Losing your pup during a trip is another real possibility, especially if it gets scared or distracted in a new environment. Safety accessories such as a dog leash and GPS dog tracker are crucial for preventing this awful scenario.

Halo Collar 3: A Revolution in Dog Safety

The Halo Collar 3 is the top dog travel accessory for pet owners who want to keep their pups safe during trips. It has a GPS tracker for dogs that uses satellite signals to establish your pup’s location. You can access the tracking information through your phone’s Halo app to locate your dog in any environment.

One of the most important Halo Collar features is the AI-driven PrecisionGPS™ software.

Trees and buildings usually interrupt and distort satellite signals, making GPS trackers display the wrong location information. PrecisionGPS™ software uses AI technology to differentiate between actual satellite signals and those bouncing off obstacles near the ground. This enhances location accuracy, ensuring you always have accurate information about your pet’s whereabouts.

The Halo Collar 3 can also store up to 20 virtual fences, which means you can create boundaries for your dog in any travel destination. The collar issues feedback when your dog gets close to the virtual fence, helping it turn back before it gets lost.
Taking the Halo Collar 3 on all your trips ensures your pet remains safe while exploring the new destination.

Other Essential Dog Travel Accessories

Dog Carrier

A spacious, airy dog carrier is another essential dog travel accessory. If you have small dogs and plan to walk a lot or use public transportation, get a backpack or shoulder carrier like the Henkelion Dog Carrier to keep your dogs close.

Some airlines require TSA-approved carriers for certain breeds or when traveling abroad. Investing in a comfortable airline carrier provides your dog a spacious resting place during long trips.

First Aid Kit

Traveling puts dogs at risk of allergies, cuts, burns, pest infections, stomach issues and dehydration. A well-stocked first aid kit lets you manage these problems safely, especially if you can’t quickly access veterinary services.

The ideal first aid kit has a small flashlight, gloves, scissors, antiseptic wipes, paw balm, styptic pen, plasters and bandages. Many dog owners love the Rayco Pet First Aid Kit because it packs all these essentials in a compact bag that can fit in a carry-on.

Dog Seat Belt

Clipping a dog seat belt to your pet’s harness keeps it safe during short and long drives. The ideal dog seat belt is crash-tested and has wide, padded straps long enough for your pup to sit and lie down without straining.

Adding a seat belt, such as the CooYoo 3-Piece Set, to your dog’s car safety toolkit allows your dog to be your permanent passenger.

Car Seat Cover

A seat cover ensures your pet’s fun doesn’t add to your car cleaning budget. A car seat cover contains your dog’s fur and the dirt it accumulates while exploring new environments. A waterproof seat cover also protects the car from vomit, urine or poop in case your pup has an accident.

A car seat cover should be durable, easy to clean and compatible with your dog’s seat belt. A universal seat cover such as the Urpower Seat Cover for Pets is made from heavy-duty but breathable material that keeps your pet comfortable on every trip.

Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

Collapsible food and water bowls, such as the pair from Rest-Eaazzzy, are must-have pet travel accessories. Collapsible bowls fit in most handbags, carry-ons and doggy backpacks, so you can easily retrieve one to give your pet a drink or a meal during trips.

Dog Toys

Bringing your dog’s favorite chew toy can alleviate its boredom when traveling. Squeaky toys or puzzle games with treats keep your pet engaged as you drive or get some rest when flying. Among pet owners, 12% also find Bluetooth technology toys such as the Wickedbone Smart Bone handy for keeping their pups occupied.

Travel Bed

A low-profile travel bed or sleeping pad can keep your pet from the cold, hard floor of a car, tent, carrier or hotel. A foldable dog bed such as the Kroser Reversible Mat is easy to carry and set up so your canine can settle down quickly wherever you go.

Dog Blanket

A dog blanket not only keeps your pet warm but can also be comforting. Since most flights let you give your pup a few things when it has to go in the cargo area, cover it with a blanket that smells like home to reassure it during the trip.

Blankets like the PetFusion Cooling Blanket are designed to protect dogs from the extreme heat and humidity found in warm destinations.

Reflective Jacket

A reflective jacket is an essential accessory if your pet will spend time outdoors. The jacket’s vibrant colors and reflective strips make your dog easy to spot in both busy cities and forested nature trails. Pairing a reflective jacket such as the SafetyPUP XD Vest with the Halo Collar 3 can keep your pup safe in a high-risk country or environment.

Dog traveling by train

Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Knowing the essential dog travel accessories is the first step to keeping your pet safe. Use these safety tips to boost your dog’s security and get the most out of your adventures:

  • Put dog travel essentials in a doggy backpack or carry-on for easy retrieval during the trip.
  • Pack your dog’s accessories and health certificates early so you don’t leave them behind.
  • Vaccinate and medicate your dog against possible health risks at the destination, especially when traveling to high-risk countries for dog rabies, heartworm and tick fever.
  • Adhere to dog entry requirements provided by airlines and destination locations so you don’t have to leave your dog behind or face a temporary suspension.
  • Always keep your pet by your side when traveling. Use the matching dog leash provided with the Halo Collar 3 to ensure your dog doesn’t wander off alone.

Final Thoughts: Why Pet Owners Should Prioritize Quality Travel Accessories

If you plan to travel with your pet, get accessories specifically designed for dog travel. Such equipment is portable so it won’t take up much space in your luggage. Quality pet travel accessories are also durable and won’t break down, leaving you stressed and stranded in a strange location.

The Halo Collar 3 is the best dog travel purchase because it’s undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can track and provide accurate location information from anywhere in the world.

Get the Halo Collar 3 to safely explore the world with your dog today!

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