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PrecisionGPS™: The Most Powerful GPS Dog Fence & Tracking Technology for Your Canine

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Written by The Halo Team

November 22, 2023

As a dog owner, you know the importance of nurturing your dog’s adventurous spirit. However, your pup’s curious nose can land it in trouble when it leaves the familiarity of home. Being unable to locate your lost dog is a nightmare most pet parents seek to avoid, which is why many invest in a pet containment system.

GPS dog trackers are among the most popular pet safety methods — around 15% of dog owners use them to keep track of their pets. There are also other invisible dog fences, but the Halo Collar 3 is a wireless dog fence with a strong record of providing accurate location tracking and boundaries for canines. The latest version of the collar features PrecisionGPS™ artificial intelligence (AI) software that puts its GPS tracking capabilities ahead of competitors such as the Fitbark GPS dog tracker.

Learn how the AI-driven additions to the Halo Collar 3 make it the best GPS dog tracker for your dog.

The Revolution of PrecisionGPS™

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a revolutionary location-tracking technology used in the new Halo Collar 3. The collar features an embedded GPS system that communicates with over 150 satellites worldwide.

The time a signal takes to travel from a satellite to the GPS dog tracker indicates the collar’s position. The collar displays this information on the Halo map on your phone, showing your dog’s precise location at any time.

Time is an important factor in detecting location through an invisible dog fence. If the signal from a satellite is blocked or distorted by obstacles on Earth, it will take longer to reach the collar’s GPS receiver. Such a signal won’t provide accurate information on your dog’s whereabouts, making it difficult to keep it safe.

Most dog collars use traditional GPS that can’t tell the difference between signals that have reached the Earth directly from satellites and those that have passed through trees and buildings first. However, the new Halo Collar 3 uses AI for dogs to eliminate the problem of signal distortion.

The collar’s PrecisionGPS™ AI software evaluates signal strengths to determine which ones come directly from satellites and which have been affected by obstacles. The AI software then uses high-quality signals to calculate distance and position, providing you with precise information on your dog’s location.

You can create and store up to 20 GPS wireless dog fences on the Halo Collar and trust the GPS dog tracker to keep your pup within the boundaries. The accurate location information provided by PrecisionGPS™ also makes it easy to track and retrieve your dog if it leaves a safe zone.

Active GPS Antenna: Beyond Ordinary

The Halo Collar 3 has an active GPS antenna that reinforces the capabilities of PrecisionGPS™.

Antennas in most GPS collars stop communicating with satellites when there’s extended cloud coverage, bad weather, tall trees or buildings. Thus, if your dog leaves a boundary on a rainy day or in a busy town, the antenna will only receive and transmit satellite signals intermittently, making it difficult to determine your pet’s exact location.

The Halo Collar 3’s active GPS antenna continuously communicates with satellites, regardless of weather conditions or obstacles near the ground. Knowing the Halo app will receive accurate location information through the active GPS antenna allows you to confidently take your dog on exciting adventures to remote locations.

All Carrier Coverage Worldwide: Boundless Connectivity

Network connectivity is an essential feature of any wearable GPS pet tracker because it lets you access location information on your phone. Other collars won’t send notifications or tracking information if your dog escapes a boundary and they can’t access signals from your home’s Wi-Fi or cell network carrier.

However, the Halo Collar stores the virtual fences you create and uses GPS to monitor your dog’s movements. If your pup crosses a fence, the collar uses the nearest network to send an alert to your phone.

The Halo Collar has universal carrier connectivity, so it consistently seeks and automatically connects to the nearest cellular service towers to keep communicating with your phone. Which means if you have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint T-mobile, or any other carrier – Halo will auto connect to whichever carrier it can to ensure your dog is always safe. This feature lets you take your dog anywhere, including abroad, confident you’ll know its exact location at no extra cost.

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Real-Time Tracking: Keeping Pace With Your Canine

The Halo Collar 3’s advanced GPS and cellular service connectivity deliver real-time data on your dog’s location to your phone through the Halo app every second. You can use the real-time location information to see which direction it’s headed and at what speed for easy retrieval.

The real-time tracking feature also acts as an activity tracker, showing how much exercise or rest your pup receives daily. You can use the information to adjust the boundaries of virtual fences and get it to move more or less, as desired.

Perfect Fit: Customized Comfort

The Halo Collar 3 is designed to grow with your dog over the years. For one, it’s made from durable material that can withstand your dog’s adventurous lifestyle without ripping or tearing.

The Perfect Fit feature also allows the Halo Collar 3 to last your dog a lifetime. The Perfect Fit Kit comes with different sizes of contact tips so you can select comfortable ones for your pup. The collar also has straps you can trim down or extend based on your dog’s size and age.

The right fit for the collar leaves enough space for two fingers to fit underneath. It also ensures contact tips don’t dig into your pup’s neck, even when delivering feedback. This allows your dog to remain comfortable and maintain a positive association with the collar.

Color Options: From Classics to Vibrancy

The newly launched Halo Collar 3 features an expanded color palette to accommodate the tastes of more dog owners.

You can get the collar in classic Graphite and Ivory or enjoy the vibrant Orchid and Sunburst color options. The various colors let you get a collar that matches your dog’s personality. Each collar has a matching strap and protective case, making it a classy dog travel accessory.

Purchase the collar in multiple colors and change which one your pup wears based on activity. Since vibrant colors are easy to spot, having your dog wear the Orchid or Sunburst collar outdoors makes it easy to see far away.

Magnetic Charging: Effortless & Durable

The Halo Collar 3’s long battery life makes it a clear winner compared to other GPS dog fences, including the SpotOn GPS fence. The collar can stay on for an average of 24 hours after a full charge. It’s also equipped with an advanced charging system that helps the GPS dog fence work by updating its map database while it charges.

The collar comes with a magnetic USB-C charging port, making it easy to recharge every night. The charging port has a cover that keeps out any water or debris your dog encounters during its adventures.

Why PrecisionGPS™ Is the Ultimate Choice for Canine Safety

The Halo Collar 3 is the best GPS dog fence on the market. PrecisionGPS™ software ensures your dog’s collar only uses the strongest GPS signals to display its location on a map. The collar’s ability to store 20 virtual fences, coupled with its active antenna and universal cellular connectivity, lets you keep track of your dog even away from home.

The Halo Collar also comes in a range of attractive colors and has a Perfect Fit Kit that accommodates your pet’s bodily changes over the years. Thus, the collar is an affordable investment that will accompany your dog through multiple life stages.

Shop the Halo Collar 3 and protect your dog through AI-driven GPS technology today!

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