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The Safety and Effectiveness of Wireless Fencing for Dogs

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Written by The Halo Team

June 14, 2023

Not all electric fences are built the same. When used correctly, invisible dog fences can keep your dog safe, but there are some things you need to know. This guide reviews how pet owners can use a wireless system to contain, monitor and protect their dogs at home and on the go.

What Is Wireless Fencing for Dogs?

A wireless dog fence uses a transmitter to send signals to your dog’s collar to keep them inside a set boundary around your home. This is also commonly referred to as an invisible dog fence because dogs become trained to stop where the set boundaries are even though they’re free to roam outside.

The advantage of an invisible fence is that you don’t need to install a wooden or metal fence to contain your dog. In addition to conventional invisible dog fences, wireless dog fence systems offer the advantage of training multiple dogs simultaneously without the need for digging to install cables or wires.

Are Wireless Dog Fences Safe?

When used properly, a wireless pet fence can be a safe way to keep your dog contained outside your home without installing a physical fence. Some things to consider when using a wireless pet fence are summarized below.

You Need to Train Your Dog

Your dog won’t immediately understand where the boundaries of the invisible dog fence are located, and stubborn dogs may continue running even when they feel the warning from the collar. You need to invest some time with your dog to let it get used to the wireless pet containment system.

You Can’t Keep People or Animals From Entering Your Yard

While you can use a wireless fence to control where your dog roams, you can’t keep other people or animals out of your yard. An in-ground fence is more effective at keeping other people, pets, and wild animals at bay if you’re planning to leave your dog outside unsupervised for longer time periods. An electric dog fence is much more practical if you’re not intending to leave your dog outside for a long time.

Some Things May Excite or Frighten Your Dog Into Ignoring the Barrier

If your dog sees or hears something that’s extremely interesting, it may attempt to chase it. You can reduce the risk of it crossing the barrier with training, but sometimes your dog may give in to the temptation.

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Do Wireless Dog Fences Work?

When used properly, wireless fences provide plenty of benefits.

Invisible Dog Fences Allow You to Communicate Effectively With Your Dog

Once your dog understands what its collar’s warnings mean, you can use GPS-based invisible fencing for dogs to create any fence you’d like. This is useful if you’re on vacation and want to create a specific play area for your dog.

An Invisible Dog Fence Is Great for Dog Safety

Whether you’re using an invisible fence for dog containment at home or on the go, invisible dog fences keep your dog safe. It’s less likely to run in front of passing cars, get tangled up with aggressive neighborhood dogs, or go places where it could be injured.

Wireless Dog Fences Allow Your Dog to Escape Danger

On the topic of dog safety, one of the greatest disadvantages of a traditional dog fence or tie-down is that your dog has no escape route during an emergency. Wireless dog fences allow your dog to flee danger when necessary.

GPS-Based Pet Fences Allow You to Track Your Dog

Pet parents using GPS-based collars can quickly find their dogs if anything goes wrong. This makes it easier to recover lost dogs because you can locate them on an area map and get to them quickly. Dogs can still escape through holes or gaps in traditional fencing, so having this feature is a huge advantage.

Training Your Dog to Use Wireless Fencing

The best dog fence isn’t very effective without the right training methodology. You need to acclimate your dog to its new collar and let it know what the warning beep and pinch mean when it approaches a boundary. If you’re using a GPS-based system that allows you to create new boundaries, you need to teach your dog to pay attention to the gentle warnings it receives as it approaches the boundaries you’ve input.

Our virtual fence system comes with a complete guide to training your dog. This guide uses tried-and-tested methods from Cesar Millan. Simply follow the instructions outlined in the guide and you can teach your dog how to pay attention to the collar and stay within the boundaries you set.

Choosing the Right Wireless Fencing System for Your Dog

The best wireless dog fences are systems that allow you to see where your dog is in real-time. The Halo Collar is a wireless dog fence system that lets you create your own fences on the go and track where your dog is located at all times. It includes all the training materials you need to train your dog.

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