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Invisible Fence® doesn’t keep your dog safe wherever you go

The Invisible Fence® doesn’t keep your dog safe wherever you go. Get the safer, smarter and more portable Halo Wireless Dog Collar Fence.

The Halo Collar is revolutionizing the dog fence industry. Halo Wireless Dog Collar Fences are the modern solution for dog owners who want to let their dogs roam safely off-leash whether at home, at the beach, or on a hike, something the Invisible Fence® will never be able to do.
Halo GPS Wireless Dog Fence vs Invisible Fence

See How Halo Wireless Dog Fence is Superior to The Invisible Fence®

No Installation Required

No need to dig costly trenches or repave your driveway for underground wire or electric fences. You can create up to 20 Halo dog fences in seconds using just your finger and the Halo App. And, because Halo Fences work anywhere, you are not restricted by your terrain or property lines.


Halo can safely contain your dog anywhere you take them, because you can easily set up a Halo GPS wireless dog collar fence anywhere you go. Wherever you want to let your dog run, you can set up a Halo Fence – your back yard, camping, traveling – and even in public places. It’s the portable trusted fence you have been waiting for.
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Enhanced Dog Safety and Real Time Alerts

Halo offers multiple layers of protection and real-time alerts of your dog’s status in the Halp App. It also allows you to track the time and location of any Prevention Feedback your dog received, whereas Invisible Fence® only shocks your dog every time they are close to the boundary.

Halo is Not a Shock Collar

Halo training is based on positive associations. There are a variety of customizable feedback options depending on what works best for your dog, including sounds, vibration patterns, and static feedback.
Invisible Fence Who?

Activity Tracking

Track your dog’s real-time location and access detailed statistics about your dog’s physical activity levels.

Cesar Millan’s Expert Dog Training

Halo’s dog training program is developed by world-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan. It helps you get closer to your dog and understand the way they think and learn.

The training program is based on positive associations that are compatible with your dog’s natural instincts. Invisible Fence® training is based on fear and can cause your dog to feel anxious and distrustful.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Halo Collar and Halo App are constantly becoming safer, smarter, and easier to use, while the Invisible Fence® is an outdated and static technology.
Invisible Fence® is a registered mark of Radio Systems Corporation.

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