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Top 5 Reasons to Seriously Consider Pet Insurance

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Written by The Halo Team

November 30, 2023

Pets are family. They travel with us, dine with us, and are the cause of countless happy memories. With all that pets do to color our lives, it’s no wonder that pet parents love to spoil and care for their furry friends. Pet insurance is an essential part of providing the best care for your pet. Even pet parents with the most watchful eyes can’t always prevent their pets from becoming ill or injured. But with pet insurance, they can provide the best care for their pet, while focusing on their pet’s recovery rather than the cost of their treatment.

1. Financial Protection

Unexpected veterinary bills can quickly add up and become a burden to pet parents. This is especially true if pets need surgery, are hospitalized, or suffer from a chronic illness. Pet insurance can provide pet parents with the financial support to cover these unexpected costs. Pet parents can receive up to 90% cash back on eligible vet bills if their pet is enrolled in an insurance plan.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

Pet insurance can help cover costs related to accidents, illness, and routine wellness services. Accident & Illness coverage includes costs from surgery and hospitalization, prescription medications, hereditary conditions, and much more. Make sure to be well-informed about what a plan does and does not cover before enrolling your pet.

Preventive or wellness coverage includes costs of vaccines, dental cleanings, annual wellness exams, and other routine veterinary services. Recognizing the signs of common illnesses and knowing when to seek veterinary care is a crucial part of maintaining your pet’s well-being. Spot has 24/7 tele-vet coverage included with every plan. Wellness coverage helps with the veterinary costs that pet parents expect when they bring a pet home.

3. Customizable Pet Insurance Plans

Pet insurance plans can often be customized to fit your budget. Depending on the provider you choose, base plans can vary between accident-only or accident and illness. Preventive care packages can sometimes be added on to your plan for a fee. And often you are able to choose your deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement rate from a multiple option. If you are deciding when to neuter or spay your dog, for example, you may select a pet insurance plan that covers neutering and spaying. All of these choices factor into the cost of your plan, helping you customize your monthly premium.

4. Peace of Mind

Another reason to consider enrolling your pet in an insurance plan, is the peace of mind that it can bring. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to travel with their fur babies or take them out for a fun afternoon during the weekend. With pet insurance, pet owners can rest easy with the knowledge that should something happen, their pet can receive the best care, and they can receive necessary financial support.

5. Lifetime Pet Insurance Coverage

Two important factors to consider when evaluating pet insurance providers, is the age your pet needs to be for enrollment, and the age limitation for the provider. Sometimes, once your pet reaches a certain age, there are limitations to what will be covered, and sometimes they age out of any coverage. But this is not always the case. Look for a provider that accepts your pet when they are young, some providers accept pets as young as 8 weeks. And look for a provider that does not place any age limitations on your pet’s coverage. Your pet deserves to have the best coverage through their golden years.

Enrolling your pet in an insurance plan can help provide you with peace of mind and financial support as you go about life with your pet, from a young age and through their senior years. And with customizable plans and comprehensive coverage, you can find the plan that best fits your needs and the needs of your pet. Pet insurance is a great way to provide for and care for your pet, whether you’re maintaining your dog’s wellness or have other pets, we highly recommend that you consider creating a plan for your furbaby.

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