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Tips for Setting up Temporary Fencing for Dogs

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Written by The Halo Team

March 7, 2023

Small and large dogs alike need a yard where they can run, play and exercise. While energetic dogs spend the most time outside, low-energy breeds still need enough freedom to train and burn off hyperactivity. If you don’t have an existing fence, you’ll need a temporary setup to help your dog learn boundaries and how to stay inside them. Wireless collars, including Halo’s, are for dogs 5 months and older, so a puppy needs to be kept safe before it can learn boundaries from the Halo Collar’s wireless feedback.

Why Do You Need a Temporary Fence?

A dog-safe fence keeps everyone, including you, your pet and the local wildlife, healthy and happy. Here’s why you need to keep your dog contained:

  • Your dog needs to remain safely in the yard. Even well-trained breeds can escape and get lost or hit by a vehicle. They could also wander into a dangerous part of the woods, contract an infection or have an encounter with a dangerous animal.
  • Loose pets can terrorize wild animals and other people’s pets. They can also create a nuisance by running down the street, knocking over trash cans and tearing through your neighbor’s vegetable garden. The authorities might fine you or take your pet away.
  • Free-range adult dogs can breed with other dogs that aren’t fixed, resulting in unwanted puppies. You’ll have more stray breeds running around or a puppy litter you didn’t anticipate.

Keeping your dog inside forces it to burn energy in other ways, such as urinating in the house or shredding the furniture. It might become overweight and lethargic if it spends too much time indoors. Your pet needs outdoor space to burn fat, enjoy the fresh air and bond with its guardian during training sessions.

What Are the Best Portable Dog Fences?

Save money by building a metal or vinyl fence at home if you have materials lying around. You can also pick up a pet playpen or fence kit for easy setup. Start shopping early if you’re about to buy a new dog so its play area is ready when it arrives.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to customize your setup for specific animals. Two dogs need more space, while big dogs require taller fences. Make sure your fence is suitable for indoor and outdoor use if you want your dog to exercise inside on rainy days.

Build a Wire Fence

You can build your own dog fence if you have the skill, tools, hardware and raw materials. Chain-link fences and metal fences are more durable, but vinyl fencing or a plastic dog fence is more affordable. Look for materials that stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Start with recycled wood or metal stakes, then install the vinyl, plastic or chain-link metal around the length of the barrier. Use zip ties and ground anchors to hold the dog fence in place. If you’re extra crafty, you can customize your fence with a dog door for easy access.

Invest in a Dog Exercise Pen

A dog playpen is a portable pet fence you can install just about anywhere. Puppy playpens surround your dog so it can exercise without wandering freely. Popular fences, such as the IRIS USA dog playpen, offer spacious sizes and multiple colors.

These dog fences are typically easy to install: Set them up in the living room or backyard, then fold them up when you’re done. The sturdy, heavy-duty design keeps the fence upright for hours of play. Many people bring a temporary dog fence when they go camping so their dog can enjoy the campsite safely.

A small dog doesn’t need much room to play. However, larger breeds require more space, so research multiple sizes to find the best fit for your dog. Choose from metal and plastic cage-like pens and cloth pens that fold like a tent for easy storage.

Browse Portable Dog Fence Kits

If you don’t have portable dog-fence materials on hand, order a kit with everything you need to protect your pooch. Some fencing options offer multiple configurations so you can outsmart your little escape artist. The sturdy design keeps your pet from knocking it over.

A portable dog fence kit often requires some installation experience. These kits typically come with raw materials, such as staples, gauge wire and digital materials. While kits are harder to set up, this is the best portable dog fence for people who want the most freedom and customization.

Measure the space you want to block off, then order a customized dog fence kit or pick up a premade one. Browse Amazon Basics for dog fence ideas.

Pick up a Pet Gate

If the area you want to contain your pet in has a partial barrier, a dog gate could complete the boundary. Pet gates are typically easy to install — simply measure the space to find the length you need, then order a gate and mount it in place. Hardware-mounted gates are permanent because you attach them to the wall. Pressure-mounted gates don’t require hardware, so you can install and remove them in minutes.

Gates come in a range of materials, including metal, vinyl, plastic and wood. Order a basic gate for your pooch, or pick up a gate with modern features, such as an alarm system or remote control. Some gates have a secure door you can open and close easily. Pet gates can double as child barriers if you have a toddler in the house too.

Order Wireless Dog Fences

Wireless fences create a temporary barrier with a collar and mobile app so you don’t have to install physical equipment. The Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Dog Collar is mostly preassembled for easy installation. You won’t need to install an underground wire, saving time and allowing you to set up a fence virtually anywhere.

Halo Collars work with large and small dogs that are at least 5 months old. Choose your dog’s size and favorite color, then select a Basic, Silver or Gold plan to activate the system. Once your Halo Collar arrives, download the mobile app, then create up to 20 wireless boundaries.

The Halo Collar stores the boundaries, so your dog won’t escape if your Wi-Fi goes down. Your pet’s collar alerts it when it approaches the barrier and uses the return whistle feature to turn it around if it crosses the fence.
Your plan also comes with activity charts that show you how much time your dog spends exercising and resting. You’ll also see when your dog approaches a barrier and how often. Check out the app’s 21-day training program for new and experienced dog owners so you make the most of your time with your pet.

What’s most important is keeping your dog safe and secure and helping it live its best life. Creating boundaries, even temporary ones, ensures it doesn’t go beyond the limits where you can protect it. The virtual boundaries you can set up with Halo Collar allow your furry friend to roam freely and enjoy the great outdoors.

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