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How GPS-Based Invisible Dog Fences are Redefining Pet Safety

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Written by The Halo Team

November 30, 2023

Pet parents know safety is crucial to keeping dogs healthy. Over the centuries, people have used different pet containment systems to protect their dogs from the dangers of the streets and the wild. The electric dog fences that emerged in the 1970s were among the first invisible dog fences and catered to dog owners who couldn’t use a physical fence to keep their dogs safe.

Today, GPS wireless dog fences provide dog safety for many people, including those living in apartments. GPS invisible dog fences are tech-driven pet products that use location-tracking technology to keep dogs within a designated safety zone. A GPS invisible dog fence also gives a dog owner detailed insights into their dog’s location, providing peace of mind unparalleled by other wireless fences.

The Halo Collar 3 is the best GPS dog fence on the market. To understand why you should use this revolutionary collar to keep your dog safe, let’s see how its features outshine those of traditional Invisible Fences® and other GPS dog fences.

The Technology Behind GPS Invisible Dog Fences

Invisible dog fences use GPS technology to monitor a dog’s whereabouts. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of satellites in space that send signals for receivers on Earth to interpret and provide location information. A GPS invisible dog fence has a receiver collar that uses signals from three or more satellites to calculate your dog’s precise location at any point in time.

Traditional vs. GPS Invisible Dog Fences

Traditional or electric Invisible Fences® relied on radio waves instead of GPS to tell a dog’s location. The electric dog fence would be buried a few inches underground around the home, and use radio signals from a nearby transmitter to calculate the dog’s position from the boundary line. If the dog approached the fence, its electric shock collar would issue harsh feedback to stop it from crossing the line.

Modern wireless GPS fences are a significant improvement over traditional dog fences. The Halo Collar 3 invisible dog fence system can store up to 20 virtual fences, allowing you to create boundaries around your home, neighborhood, local dog park, city, and anywhere else your dog goes.

The Halo GPS fence issues several types of feedback to keep your dog within a fence. Haptic feedback is the highest level of correction and is gentler and more effective than electric shock at getting your dog to turn away from a virtual fence.


The Halo Collar 3 invisible dog fence uses unique artificial intelligence (AI) software called PrecisionGPS™ to filter out satellite signals distorted by clouds, trees and buildings. Since the GPS dog fence uses only high-quality direct satellite signals, it can accurately indicate your pup’s location under different weather conditions and in different environments.

Active GPS Antenna

An active GPS antenna makes the Halo GPS dog fence work well even with obstructions such as clouds, rain, snow, trees or buildings. If your dog gets lost, the active antenna will find satellite signals and send the location information to your phone so you can safely retrieve it.

Advantages of Using a GPS-Based Fence

These features of the Halo Collar 3 make it the best GPS-based fence compared to competitors such as the SpotOn GPS fence.

Safety Features

The Halo Collar 3 has a real-time tracker that continuously shows your pup’s current location on a map. The collar also transmits the dog’s speed and direction to your phone’s Halo app, allowing you to retrieve it before it gets farther away from help.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

The collar’s all-carrier coverage feature lets it connect to the strongest and fastest cell phone signal in a given location at no extra cost. This is why the Halo map can pinpoint your dog’s latest location even when it’s out of range of your local cellular networks.

Flexibility and Customization

The Perfect Fit feature lets your pet grow with its Halo dog collar. You can adjust the collar’s size around your dog’s neck and switch out the feedback contact tips as its body changes due to age, health and diet.

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Optimizing the Use of Your GPS Invisible Dog Fence

Follow these tips from the Halo team to get the most out of the Halo Collar 3.


The Halo Collar 3 is a Bluetooth-enabled device that’s compatible with other pet tech products. You can use the Halo Beacon to set indoor boundaries and keep your dog safe in areas with weak GPS signals.

You can also pair the collar to other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as pet feeders and toys.

Weather Impact

The Halo GPS dog fence is designed with weatherproof properties, so it will work well in temperatures between -4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water-resistant wireless fence has a magnetic charging port that stays tightly shut to repel water and debris that may damage its charging system.

Keeping the GPS dog collar in its protective case allows it to accompany your pup on all its adventures.

Maintenance Tips

The collar’s long battery life ensures it can receive and transmit location information for an average of 24 hours on a single charge. Its rechargeable battery can be quickly restored in only an hour and a half using a USB-C cable when your dog is asleep.

We recommend plugging the collar into a charger at least once a day to update its satellite maps.

In case water gets into the dog’s collar charging system, leave it with the port facing down for a few hours until the water drains out.

Use canned air instead of sharp objects to remove sand, leaves, tree bark and other debris that may get into the charging port.

Dog Training Approach With GPS-Based Invisible Dog Fences

The Halo Collar 3 is the recommended pet containment system by renowned canine behaviorist Cesar Millan, who believes technology allows dogs and their owners to develop a relationship based on trust, communication and respect.

His knowledge of how dogs learn and make memories informed the design of the Halo Collar 3, particularly the feedback mechanism that keeps your dog safe.

Purchasing this invisible fencing for dogs gives you access to the comprehensive Cesar Millan behavioral training program that teaches your pet how to respond to the audio, vibration and static correction issued by the collar.

Cesar’s training starts by helping you develop the characteristics of a pack leader your dog can obey. You’ll learn how to set rules, boundaries and limitations that leverage your dog’s natural instincts and how to use the collar to teach this structure to your dog.

Positive association is the cornerstone of Halo Collar training. It shows your pup that boundaries and feedback are a path to safety rather than pain. After a few weeks of training, your dog may be able to ignore distractions and respond to the lowest level of feedback issued by the collar.

Future Developments in GPS-Based Pet Safety

The impressive capabilities of GPS dog trackers have infinite potential for improvement. GPS dog fences such as the Halo Collar 3 will become more accurate in the future as AI and machine learning technology get more refined, giving you greater insights into your pup’s location and activity.

The Halo Collar 3 is also set to have better cellular connectivity to allow instant location transmission from anywhere in the globe. Integrating the dog containment collar with 5G networks and more cell network providers will allow you to take your dog anywhere, safe in the knowledge that you can always tell its precise location.

Keeping Your Dog Safe with GPS Dog Fences

Any pet parent interested in their furry friend’s safety should invest in a GPS-invisible dog fence for dogs. Wireless dog fences let you keep an eye on your dog even when you’re not physically around. The different levels of feedback issued by these fences are also more effective at keeping your dog contained within a boundary compared to harsh electric shocks.

The Halo Collar 3 is the best wireless dog fence because its refined satellite communication features ensure you always know your dog’s whereabouts. Get the Halo Collar 3 to benefit from AI-driven dog tracking today.

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