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Halo Pro Case (Old)


The Halo Collar Protective Case is custom designed to help protect your collar and keep it looking like new. The case is pre-assembled and securely covers your Halo Collar using built-in “Velcro” fasteners. Once installed, it provides scratch, tear, and bite protection to improve the reliability and ruggedness of your Halo Collar – and keep it protected for a very long time.

Halo Collar and strap not included.



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Care & Specifications

  • Custom designed to protect and reduce the risk of damage from tree branches or bushes, bites from other dogs, and more.
  • Securely covers your Halo Collar using built-in “Velcro” fasteners
  • The protective case can be hand-washed and air-dried whenever it gets too dirty. See the Cleaning Instructions tab for details
  • Unfasten all “Velcro” fasteners and open the case. Make sure the “Halo” logo is facing out (that the case is not inside-out).
  • Align the case so you can see the Halo “Paw” logo through the clear window in the case. Make sure the word “Halo” on the case is oriented correctly (not upside down) next to the “Paw” logo.
  • Before fastening all of the “Velcro” fasteners make sure that the USB flap and speaker align well with the appropriate holes in the case. Create a tight/snug fit while assembling each pair of fasteners, and make sure to align and fasten each pair as you go to prevent it from coming loose.
  • Remove the Halo Pro Case from the rest of the Halo Collar – simply undo the Velcro fasteners and carefully remove the case. There is no need to undo anything on the Halo Collar itself.
  • Run the case under cool to warm water. Using your fingertips or a soft cloth or sponge, gently wipe away any accumulated dirt. Do not use a brush as this may scratch the transparent window where you view the LED lights.
  • Common dish soap and/or laundry detergent may be used. However, be sure to rinse your Pro Case thoroughly so the chemicals do not irritate your dog’s skin later on.
  • Air dry or blot dry the case with a soft all cotton towel. Be careful to not scratch the transparent window. Do not put the case in a dryer or use a hair dryer on it.
  • Reassemble the case on your Halo Collar and enjoy.


Note: While the case is machine-washable, we do not recommend putting in the washing machine as the transparent window can be damaged by zippers and other clothing accessories in the wash. No strong acid or alkali detergents should be used.

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