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8 Dog Crate Furniture Ideas That Work Well in Any Home

Dog crate with a puppy sitting inside

Written by The Halo Team

February 8, 2023

There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch with your dog. However, when it’s time for bed, you probably send your pet to its crate. Not only do dog crates offer a cozy place to sleep, but they also promote safety and assist with training in a new puppy’s formative months. While Halo Collar provides freedom to dogs above 5 months old, at some point in a young puppy’s life they’re going to need crate trained.

While crates are highly functional, they’re not always aesthetically pleasing. Chances are your typical black wire crate doesn’t integrate well with your home decor. Fortunately, with a little work, you can transform a basic crate into an exciting piece of furniture. Here are eight of our favorite furniture-style dog crates.

1. Make a Dog Crate End Table

A dog crate converted into an end table
Turn your dog’s crate into a multifunctional furniture item by making a dog crate end table. All you have to do is measure the crate, then purchase a table that fits over it. Feel free to play around with materials — you can use anything from natural wood (which offers elegance) to marble (which is a more modern style). Depending on what size crate you have, you can go with a small living room end table, a cozy bedside table or even a large kitchen table.

If you’re having trouble finding a good-sized table, you may want to purchase adjustable feet that let you change the table height. Once it’s set up, you can leave a variety of items on the tabletop, all while your dog snoozes peacefully underneath.

2. Integrate the Crate Into Your Decor

Cabinets converted into dog crates
Do you have any empty cabinets or alcoves in your home? Instead of filling them with random items, turn them into cozy crates. Start by installing screen doors, making sure there’s proper ventilation. If you have enough space, you may want to go with double doors — in addition to offering a cool look, the double door design makes it easier for your dog to access the crate. Then, finish off the project by placing a soft cushion, some blankets or a chew-resistant dog bed inside.

3. Extend Your Bed

Does your dog want to curl up in bed next to you? It can be difficult to force your dog off your bed and back into its crate. While you can always set up a crate in your room, it may look intrusive — especially in smaller bedrooms. Fortunately, there’s a way for dogs to sleep by your side without messing up your bedroom decor. The answer? Extending your bed.

This wooden dog crate furniture idea involves attaching a footboard to your bed frame. However, instead of extending to the ground, the wooden footboard leaves space underneath for your dog (which you can surround with a wire screen or ventilated doors).

4. Build a Cozy Bench

Dog crate bench
If you’re looking for a unique new furniture item for your home, consider getting a bench. Not only are benches fairly unobtrusive, they also offer a comfortable seating option for guests. Best of all, you can smoothly integrate your dog crate into this furniture item by building the bench over it. Feel free to top the bench off with cushions, or simply leave it as a bare wooden surface.

5. Hide in Plain Sight

Dresser drawers with a dog crate inside
Your dog’s crate doesn’t necessarily have to look like a crate. With a little creativity, you can make an ordinary crate resemble an exciting new furniture item. Start with the crate itself — try to get one that matches your home. For example, if you have lots of wooden furniture, you may want a wooden dog crate. On the flip side, if you have a minimalist home, you should pair this with a lightweight, simple crate.

The next step is filling the crate with items that enhance its appearance. So, if you’re going for a sleek, modern appearance, pick pillows and blankets that look elegant (such as white-gray varieties). Of course, you should always ensure all objects are comfortable for your pet.

6. Make Your Dog a Star Attraction

Center console table with a dog crate underneath
Your dog provides endless entertainment, so why not make it a star attraction by turning your crate into a console table? Start by making your kennel crate the focal point of the furniture. Then, build around it by adding a tabletop, a set of drawers and/or a removable tray. The end result is a useful home centerpiece where you can store your items while your dog sleeps comfortably.

7. Find Space Under the Stairs

Set of stairs with a dog crate conversion underneath
Many homes feature stairs with a spacious alcove underneath. If you have this extra room, make the most of it by turning it into a cozy sleeping spot for your pet. In addition to maximizing your space, having a crate under the stairs serves as a fun talking point.

8. Cover the Crate

Crate cover for dog crates
Do you already have a crate but don’t care for its appearance? One of the simplest things you can do is conceal it. For a quick solution, use a tablecloth or blanket (and feel free to play around with patterns and colors until you find one you like). However, for the best results, you should go with something sturdy, like a slipcover. Dogs may try to chew or paw at the cover, so use a resistant material.

Interested in taking your covered crate to the next level? Place a plank of wood on top to make an impromptu table. While it won’t be as sturdy as a regular table, you can still use it to hold your accessories. Of course, before you add a makeshift tabletop, you should make sure your crate is strong enough to support it — after all, your dog’s safety comes first.

At Halo Collar, we’re passionate about dog safety and wellness. Like our dog crate furniture ideas, all our products are designed with comfort, fashion and safety in mind. If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art collar to match your unique crate, we’ve got you covered.

Keep Your Furry Friend Safe With Halo Collars

After a comfortable night of sleep in their crate, your dog will be rested and ready for another full day of exploring their world. For dogs 5 months or older, Halo Collar’s wireless dog fence system includes a GPS enabled collar, allowing you to set virtual boundaries via the smartphone app to keep your dog safe, while monitoring their location and activity. Halo Collars use customizable Prevention Feedback to discourage dogs from crossing certain boundaries, helping them stay secure around your home. Other features include:

  • Return whistle to direct dogs back home
  • Mobile application for setting boundaries
  • Video-based training lessons
  • Flexible fit

Whether you have a young puppy or an adult dog, your pet can benefit from the heightened security of a Halo Collar. Shop now to discover more!

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