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12 Adorable Dog Sweaters to Keep Your Pet Toasty This Winter

Dog wearing sweater in the snow

Written by The Halo Team

November 15, 2022

At Halo Collar, we’re all about dog wellness and safety. We want to power a world where dogs can live their best life, and keep them safe within virtual boundaries. Here’s a few considerations to keep your dog warm outdoors during the winter months. Be sure to find a color that compliments the color of your dog’s Halo Collar!

When you purchase clothing for your dog, it’s not just about showing off their personality and how adorable they are. For small dogs and short-haired breeds, wearing dog sweaters is essential for warmth and staying comfortable in the colder months.

But let’s face it, compiling a wardrobe full of coats in different styles, colors and patterns gives humans a chance to showcase how cute their pup is. Before you start shopping, check out the information below for advice on how to buy the perfect sweater for your dog.

Do Dogs Really Need Clothing?

Dog coats aren’t just designed to get your cute dog more compliments! While some larger dog breeds have long fur and can handle the cold short-term, little and short-haired dogs are safer wearing a jacket in winter — especially those that originally hail from hot countries. It’s also a good idea to protect ill, very young and old dogs from cold weather.

Examples of slender and short-furred dogs that can benefit from wearing a coat and booties to stay warm include:

  • Chihuahuas
  • Corgis
  • Whippets and greyhounds
  • Dalmatians
  • Small-bodied terriers
  • Groomed poodles

Extreme cold can be just as harmful to dogs as it is to people. If your dog has ever shown any sign of hypothermia listed below, be sure to wrap them up warm:

  • Shivering
  • Hair standing up
  • Cold feet and ears
  • Fast breathing or struggling to catch their breath

How to Choose the Best Dog Clothes for Your Much-Loved Dog

While you want your dog to look stylish, dog sweaters should also be practical and comfy for going on walks. Here are some considerations to help you decide before you shop:

  • Fabric: If your dog has skin allergies, you might need to avoid wool and opt for acrylic. The softer the material, the comfier your pet will be.
  • Wearability: Pullovers are less fussy and can offer more comfort than jackets or coats with zippers, snaps or buttons.
  • Fit: Be sure to measure your pet and buy a sweater that fits properly. It should be snug while letting your dog move around with ease. The arms and neck are specific areas that could be restrictive if you don’t measure them correctly. Like a dog collar, keep in mind that you should be able to comfortably get two fingers between the sweater and the dog’s body.
  • Function:Opt for function over style, but don’t be shy about finding patterns you adore. Your dog will love hearing you squeal with delight at how adorable it looks in its dog sweaters!

Dog Sweaters for Small Dogs

1. Chilly Dog Red Nordic Organic Wool Dog Sweater

Chilly Dog Red Nordic Wool Dog Sweater

Festive sweaters are some of the cutest around, and this one is no different. It’s a turtleneck made from organic wool, offering just the right balance of warmth and breathability.

2. Jecikelon Dog Sweater Soft Warm for Pups

Jecikelon Pet Dog Clothes Knitwear Dog Sweater

This sweater is a dream for puppies and small dogs and comes in a wide range of colors. It’s extra-fluffy and super-soft to keep your little guy warm during cold weather.

3. Stinky G Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Stinky G Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Made from lightweight, durable material, this winsome little sweater looks like it was knitted by someone’s grandma. Perfect for little dogs that live in climates that don’t get too cold.

4. HAPEE Dog Sweater

HAPEE Pet Clothes The Diamond Plaid Dog Sweater

The HAPEE Dog Sweater is designed for little dogs, and it’s available in navy blue. The fabric is warm, soft and comfortable and is suited to autumn and winter.

Dog Sweaters for Large Dogs

5. GF Pet Chalet Sweater

Oatmeal Mix Chalet Dog Sweater

Large dogs get cold, too! This chic little number comes in a range of sizes up to 4XL, and its classic turtleneck design and neutral color mean it suits all dogs.

6. PUPTECK Classic Plaid Style Sweater

PUPTECK Classic Plaid Style Dog Sweater

Plaid is never going out of fashion, and this stretchy coat is as practical as it is lovely, with a leash hole and four sizes that make it perfect for large dogs.

7. Frisco Basic Dog Fleece Vest

Frisco Basic Dog  Fleece Vest

This simple, minimal design is ideal for large dogs that don’t need a fluffy coat but require some fleecy protection from the cold.

Dog Sweaters for the Holiday Season

8. Kurgo Loft Dog Coat

Kurgo Loft Reversible Insulated Dog Quilted Coat

Wrap your pets up warm with this reversible, water-resistant snow coat. Available in a range of colors, including blue and purple, it also has reflective piping to keep your dog safe and visible.

9. Blueberry Pet Winter Dog Sweaters

Blueberry Pet Holiday Christmas Chic Turtleneck

This Scandi style sweater comes in a range of pretty festive designs and is made from 100% acrylic. It has a leash hole and is machine washable, making it a cute and convenient choice.

Dog Sweaters for Fashionistas

10. Frisco Colorblock Dog Hoodie

Frisco Colorblock Dog  Sleeveless Hoodie

Hoodies are a cute and trendy way to keep your dog cozy, and this one comes with or without sleeves. This piece comes from the brand Frisco and is made from a stretchy material for optimal comfort. Layer it under a coat during the coldest months for a retro-cool aesthetic, or pop it on solo during autumn.

11. Kyeese Dog Sweater Dress

KYEESE Dog Sweater

Dress your little princess up in this gorgeous sweater dress with a cute collar and frilled edge. It’s available in blue and pink, is machine washable and is super-stretchy to make sure your pet is comfy and warm.

12. Basic Dog Hoodie

KOOLTAIL Basic Dog Hoodie

This pared-back hoodie is too adorable for words! Available in classic gray, pink, blue and black, there’s a good chance sporty pet owners will have one that matches in their own wardrobe.

More Dog Sweaters That Cats Can Wear, Too!

While sweaters are usually aimed at dogs, some of them are perfect for cats as well. Whether you have a hairless cat or one that’s just sensitive to the cold, all the options below can be worn by cats and dogs alike:

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