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10 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Family with dog getting ready for road trip

Written by The Halo Team

December 11, 2023

Dogs are part of the family, so it makes sense more people are taking their furry friends on vacation. However, dog travel can present unique challenges, especially when it comes to keeping your pup safe and calm in unfamiliar settings. Fortunately, new technology, including GPS dog fences, has made it easier to manage your dog’s behavior as you explore new places.

There are plenty of exciting travel destinations that allow pets, from the sandy terrain of Sedona, Arizona, to the idyllic mountains of Lake Placid, New York. Grab your pet carrier and check out these 10 tips on how to travel with a dog for a stress-free, fun-filled trip.

1. Prepare Your Dog for Travel: Vaccinations and Identification

If international travel is on the agenda, you’ll need to bring your dog’s health records, including proof of a recent rabies vaccination, to the ticket counter before boarding. Updating your pet’s vaccines can also protect it from infection, especially if you’re traveling to high-risk countries where dog rabies is more prevalent. You may want to check state and federal regulations regarding vaccines before traveling to prevent issues when returning.

It’s also important to provide proper identification for your dog in case it wanders off. You can attach a dog tag with its name and your contact information to a leash or collar. If you’re flying with a dog, make sure its dog carrier has some form of ID to prevent loss or misplacement.

2. Ensure Your Dog’s Travel Safety with Halo Collar 3

Controlling your dog’s behavior can be challenging if you’re traveling to a new place and aren’t sure how your pup will react. A wireless dog fence, such as Halo Collar 3, can track your dog’s whereabouts and keep it safely by your side. Halo Collar 3 is the most accurate GPS dog fence ever created, using the AI-driven software PrecisionGPS to provide real-time updates on your dog’s location.

The collar connects automatically to your phone no matter where you are and uses an active GPS antenna to provide better reception in low-signal areas. This is particularly beneficial if you’re in a foreign country or rural area with poor cell coverage. It can be helpful to purchase the collar before the trip so you can determine which customizable feedback option works best for your dog and provide training in a familiar setting. This ensures your pup is adjusted to its new collar before you venture into the unknown.

3. Pack a Dog Travel Kit

As you’re packing your own belongings for a trip, make sure you include a travel kit for your pet. Dogs also need essential items to travel safely and comfortably, including:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Bowls
  • Treats
  • Plastic bags for waste
  • Medication
  • First-aid supplies
  • Leash

You’ll also want to pack Halo Collar 3 to create wireless boundaries for your pet in the travel process. The items you pack may differ depending on how and where you plan on traveling. For a cross-country road trip, for example, dogs and cars mesh better when a comfy bed or pillow is provided, while a favorite toy may keep your dog calm during air travel. Check the weather to see if a dog sweater or jacket is needed.

4. Choose the Right Dog-Friendly Accommodations and Places

Dog-friendly accommodations are becoming more popular as pet travel increases. Most places have hotels or bed-and-breakfasts that allow pets, even if they aren’t service animals. This information is usually provided on the company’s website or rental listing. You can conduct a quick Google search or download a travel or short-term rental app to find pet-friendly accommodations.

Keep in mind that most places like to know about dogs arriving before the check-in date. Call or email before booking to confirm pet policies, provide information the company needs to prepare for your stay and learn about any rules pertaining to animal guests. This ensures you choose a welcoming environment where your dog will feel comfortable.

5. Keep Your Dog Comfortable During Transport

Whether you’re traveling locally or long-distance, keeping your pet comfortable is key for smooth transporting. For dogs and planes, a well-ventilated carry-on with your pet’s favorite blanket can foster relaxation, while a dog bed from home can calm your dog during lengthy car rides.

You can also pack treats to encourage or reward good behavior. According to dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, dogs learn through associative memory. Pairing a treat with calm and relaxed behavior communicates that these actions while traveling will be rewarded.

Dog in a car

6. Managing Your Dog’s Needs: Feeding, Hydration and Potty Breaks

Traveling can cause conflicting emotions for your dog, and it may worry about its needs being met in unfamiliar territory. It can be helpful to feed and take your dog out before traveling and pack collapsible bowls for food and water throughout the trip.

That said, try not to feed your furry friend in a moving vehicle. If it’s safe, let your dog out of the car to eat and get some fresh air. Your dog may also have accidents if it gets overstimulated, especially at a crowded airport or train station. Take it out for bathroom breaks between connections to ease its temperament.

If you’re traveling to a different time zone, your dog’s feeding schedule will likely veer off track. Pack snacks to feed your dog every few hours to hold it over until a meal. This can prevent your dog from getting anxious or frustrated and help it adjust to a new time schedule.

7. Maintain Routine and Familiarity

Dogs thrive with regular feeding and exercise schedules. If that schedule gets disrupted, your dog may become stressed or anxious. Try feeding it and going for daily walks at the same times you do at home to maintain some semblance of normalcy. You can also pack a ball or Frisbee your dog uses at home for exercise and find a nearby park or grassy area to run around. This familiarity can help it feel more comfortable in a new place.

8. Keeping Your Furry Friend Calm and Entertained

Your furry friend may experience a burst of energy while traveling. With so many new smells and people to investigate, it may try to pull away or venture in the opposite direction of where you need to go. You can help your dog exert its energy by packing interactive activities, such as a puzzle with hidden treats or a ball with compartments full of food or peanut butter.

Halo Collar 3 can also help you establish boundaries for your dog. Its GPS technology allows you to create virtual fences on your phone, meaning you can build customizable fences based on your surroundings to keep your dog safe.

9. Dealing With Emergencies During Travel

No matter how cautious and prepared you are, there’s still a chance unexpected health or safety emergencies may occur. Your dog can get motion sickness or accidentally cut its paw, and the last thing you want is to scramble trying to find help during an already stressful situation. Packing a first-aid kit or nausea or pain medications for dogs can provide quick fixes during emergencies.

With Halo Collar 3, you can enable real-time tracking to monitor your pet’s location if it ventures ahead while out hiking or exploring and gets hurt or sick, allowing you to find it and provide immediate aid. It’s also helpful to research local veterinary services or pet stores where you’ll be traveling to find medical attention or replenish supplies if needed.

10. Embrace the Pawsitive Side of Dog Travel!

Traveling with your dog can present bonding opportunities, allowing you and your furry friend to enjoy novel experiences together and build a stronger connection. Don’t be afraid to bring your dog to new places and engage in activities you don’t normally do at home. When your pup knows it’ll be protected and taken care of in a foreign place, it will learn to trust you more and become a loyal companion, no matter where you go.


By embracing these 10 traveling tips, you can enjoy a safe, responsible trip with your furry friend and transform it into an avid traveler. Using technology such as Halo Collar 3 can provide peace of mind in foreign places by tracking your dog’s movements and ensuring it’s always safe. Explore the benefits of Halo Collar 3 as you plan for your next adventure.

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