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10 Gift Ideas for Dog Moms and Dads

How To Speak Dog Cards

Written by The Halo Team

November 21, 2022

There’s a reason why people say a dog is a man’s — and woman’s — best friend. Any dog mom or dad will tell you their pet is part of their family. What’s a better way to celebrate this unique bond than with a present? Whether you want to honor a dog’s adoption or just do something special for its owner, a good gift will get the job done. Here are our top 10 gifts for dog lovers.

1. How to Speak Dog Cards

How To Speak Dog Cards

Every pet owner has dreamed about speaking to their dog. While we may not be able to talk to dogs just yet, we can learn more about them with How to Speak Dog cards. This gift features 100 cards packed with information about different dog breeds, what their barks mean, how to decipher canine body language and more. It’s a great way for pet parents to learn more about their furry friends and strengthen their connection.

2. Custom Pet Portrait

Are you looking for a sentimental gift for your favorite dog lover? If so, a pet portrait is a great choice. Not only does a photograph capture the unique personality of any pet, but it also makes a great wall decoration. Plus, there are tons of subjects to choose from — you can go with a professional-looking shot, a humorous picture or a natural, candid photo.

If you really want to take this gift to the next level, place the portrait in a custom frame. By imprinting a sweet message on the frame, you’ll ensure the pet parent smiles every time they look at the portrait.

3. Cozy Dog Bed

Every dog parent has let their precious pooch sleep on their bed at one point. While it may be tempting to let dogs sleep next to us every night, it’s important they have their own space. That’s where dog beds come in. With this dog lover gift, the pet gets a comfortable place to sleep, and its owner can enjoy a bed to themselves.

4. Dog Toys

You can’t talk about dog gifts without mentioning toys. From stuffed animals and tennis balls to bones and ropes, there’s no shortage of toys you might find in a dog’s collection. And, no matter how many toys a pet already has, you can bet it’ll get excited about a new one.

When selecting an item, you don’t have to settle for a simple chew toy. Instead, you can get something that’s fun for both pet and parent by choosing something the dog owner can also interact with. Remote control chase toys, ball launchers and puzzles are just a few suggestions.

5. Dog Lover Jewelry

If there’s one thing all pet owners can agree on, it’s that they never want to leave their dogs behind. Of course, with commitments like work, vacations and social events, pets do end up staying home alone now and then. While we can’t bring our dogs everywhere, we can carry a reminder of them around with custom jewelry. A chain or bracelet with a charm of their dog attached is the perfect gift for any pet lover.

6. Pet Starter Kit for New Dog Owners

Choosing a present for long-time dog owners is one thing, but what about new pet parents? Since they haven’t known their dog too long, a personalized gift might be a bit much — not to mention they’re probably still learning about dog ownership.

A starter kit is a great way to give newer owners a helping hand. A puppy starter kit features items every dog owner needs to own, such as a leash and collar, a treat training pouch, grooming tools, steel bowls and toys.

7. Deodorizing Spray

There’s no question dogs can get smelly. Even just a little rain can leave them with a wet dog smell that lingers for weeks. Fortunately, you can make the stinkiest dog smell fresh with a good deodorizing spray. Plus, you can personalize this gift by choosing a scent the owner likes.

8. Custom Dog Pillow

While everyone enjoys a vacation, nobody likes leaving their pets behind. If you have a dog lover friend who travels frequently, you can help them stay connected to their pet with a custom pillow.

This gift idea offers a great way for dog owners to show off their favorite furry friend (and get some good sleep while they’re at it). You can pick a simple design, such as a bone-shaped pillow with the dog’s name on it, or go for something more extravagant, like a pillow with the pet’s image.

9. Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers

Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers

Are you looking for humorous gifts for dog lovers? If so, Bad Dog Wisdom tumblers may be what you’re looking for. This company creates quirky tumblers that display funny images and quotes about dogs. They’re the perfect glasses to bring out at a social gathering or even just a relaxed dinner at home with your pet.

10. Paw Balm

Nobody likes dealing with extreme weather — especially dogs. Anything from scorching hot pavement to icy sidewalks can damage a dog’s paws, leaving them with painful blisters and sore spots. When this happens, most dog owners scramble to find a soothing solution. Why not ensure your dog lover friends are prepared by getting them a paw balm? A healing balm provides pain relief and moisture, helping restore paws to prime condition.

11. Halo Collars for Dog Lovers

Halo 2+ GPS Dog Collar

If there’s one thing all dog lovers prioritize, it’s their dog’s safety. The last thing any pet parent wants is for their dog to get loose. Fortunately, you can help keep any dog safe and sound by getting it a GPS Halo Collar. Designed for dogs five months and older, Halo Collars use customizable Prevention feedback to prevent pets from crossing certain boundaries in your yard. Once your dog has been prompted to turn back, a return whistle will help guide it home.

In addition to a customizable collar, Halo Collars come with a mobile application where you can set boundaries and enjoy video-based training lessons. The heightened safety, coupled with the advanced training suggestions, help pet owners create closer bonds with their beloved dogs. Shop now to find the perfect collar!

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